January 16, 2016

01/16/16...11:38 a.m. THIS IS INFO...411 for you. Stalkers abound still. Imagine...Sylvia Lydia Morelos

that. Need new laws against STALKING. Please catch it on video. THEY ARE BASED ON HATE CRIMES, the stalking.
01/16/16...11:23 a.m. OMD, Orchestral Maneovres in the Dark, SECRETS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrRKrLHAUZw
Have a great day!
To Greenday/Billie: I have a storycorp to do on Saturday,January 16, 2016, at 3pm, Larkin Library. I am looking forward to it. I did StoryCorp in the fall of 2013, with Michael Thomas Angelo ( I don't like him otherwise, he knows why.But as a *professional, he is very efficient and good at StoryCorp.) I spoke about the godforsaken quinns whom I had no info on at the time, including their whore of a mother VERONICA, all of Littleton, COLORADO; I spoke about the RUBIOS, who are TERRORISTS, and I want nothing to do with them either (note: these perps have my mother's social security card, her original one, with HER signature...dude. my mom's dead; and the perp impersonating me, not only is she an illegal, she's pretending to be me; they were stupid enough to "show" me her signature, the original social security card, via illegal tech, to brag about it. It showed only once.
My mother and grandmother and JESSIE and DENNIS are all dead because of these shits. THE CLOSEST ONES, to them. GUESS WHAT? we ARE NOT RELATED.
I have spoken out against them, including LINA OROZCO on my blogger in the past. THis is why. I have never been a person of interest, so I've never been called in for questioning on anything.
Note to self: No one ever asks *me anything directly. What the hell? I took initiative a couple of times and went to the FBI in Sacramento. ANA AYALA was around. I had to leave. *wink.

Ana AYala is also one of my identity thieves. She literally withdrew money, 180 $ from the compass bank in Houston, I have 2 $4 dollar charges. I bank with b of a. It's on my bank statement.
Then I found the classes these people teach/go to. I was looking through it not too long afterwards, nico/greek stand, food. blah.

I saw the ugh "class" for "140$, + 20 for the [fuckin] book." with 20$ left over.
Did Ana AYala take the class?
note: THERE IS *NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION FOR THESE CRIMES. I've no privacy, I need to take my time to look into my records, 4th ammendments.
fyi. Keep track of you bank, credit card, etc.
They have literally hacked into everything about me. "10 Million Americans data theft, via NSA illegal surveillance." Wall Street Journal, 2013, 2014. Great fuckin paper. THe other: San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Gate, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Associated press. The National Enquirer, believe it or not, is getting better "i.e Bill Cosby", sex offender issue. Lot of perps in there in one fell swoop, 2014, I think.

FYI: MICROFICHE!!!!! Free periodical, international included. NO EXCUSES. Now ya see what I do. PEACE.
Knowledge is power! YEAH! Sylvia
xoxo Much Love to you guys.
All y'all. :)
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