January 16, 2016

01/16/16...10:49 a.m. This is for the General PUBLIC, EVERYONE BUT *NOBODY/NO ONE, aight? Sylvia Lydia Morelos San Francisco, CA.

01/16/16...10:49 a.m. San Francisco, CA  

Jody Watley - Friends ft. Eric B. & Rakim https://youtu.be/fHy2hZ3ECHA  via @YouTube,this is what you do to NON JEHOVAHS, to good people

PLEASE CHECK MY YOUTUBE PAGE, SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS. I have underscored how important those videos are. Playlists: History, Music and the War on Terror, Questionable vids, etc. WEALTH OF INFO ON THEIR. On me. :) Sylvia Lydia Morelos
I love the feds. They're good people. My mom was one. Military included.
Bad guys have always know that. I come from a family of Matriarchs. I can only imagine the racism and SEXISM back then, on top of the criminals they came down FROM UP THERE (REPUBLICAN, REAGAN) to catch them. God bless my mom and grandmother. The obamas, Clintons, sara palin (JALISCO), Nancy Derthick and others made me aware of their presence. My mom and grandmother kept me out of the loop, so to speak, to protect me.
I protect others. Lost them. That's just the way it goes?
Note: Don't let it happen to yours. Love you parents, parents, say something to your kids. What would I have done, had I known in my early 20s, when I was in college. Mom: NO! Me: grrrrrrrrrr.
But I feel that I could have done more. :)
I miss them. I did right by them. "BEST WESTERN plus" is me.
Zip it. Mom: "If you tell others about your personal life, they will use it against you." I have kept it zipped since I was in the 3rd grade; I tell everyone, NOTHING. I don't kiss and tell, etc. I'm not a gossip, etc. Therefore "I'm a stuck up bitch." Just like my grandmother, just like my mother.I'm the "there goes the 3rd one (media/Salvation Army,tv in Eisenhower Hospital, Pasadena, ca)...they keep popping them out like there was no tomorrow for the rest of us." Verbatim (Acronyms).
I'm the third generation. GET THIS: THEY BOTH STEPPED DOWN (FROM MONEY) to get you. You came after us. I was brought up right. Poor too.
Rich or poor (this is for the criminals): WE KICK YOUR ASS. (AND I"M A REAGAN, decendant of, direct. NOT A DIVORCEE.)
AT 80% up to par (me), you took my home, family, resources (SSA), property....homeless. This is what I can do to you.
I am at 90 % up to par. You're not gonna like me much in the future, *IFF applicable.
so "AUTODIDACTO", for *REAL (Jessie Alexander Rubio tambien *fue AUTODIDACTO). Ni el mismo se la cree-yo. HHAOOOOL. (RAUL in Portugues, is what he bitched about --its pronunciation--in *his section of a different Portuguese class at ucla.)

I REITERATE: FUCK YOU, TERRORISTS. DOn't fuck with the feds, don't fuck with us. I'm a civilian, the "Plus" of the military/intelligence.
GOD BLESS. And as always, 3rd generation around, GLAD TO BE OF SERVICE. To all y'all-->EVERONE. *Wink.
I love the rest of us too. We'll talk soon?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING! "WE are beholden to those who come before us, and if we are [*wise], to those who come after[wards]". Rosa Parks, Civil RIghts Leader
One thing when dealing with these fuckin gangs; Dr. King stated "Don't judge them, [for] we do not know where they are coming from."
We know now. We need the death penalty AND the NRA in California. THEY *WILL DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.
Transnational gang violence anyone? what, 3 years ago? *wink.
Paranoia. Perps are using paranoia to scare the public. Patrick Rodriguez's friend, Killian Wayadarega is what he's calling himself, is on computer 2, 10:23 a.m. www.instantstreetview.com. I am at 150 Golden Gate, 94102, cross streets Leavensworth and Golden gate. 911, 3rd floor. Staff is involved again. 911
The're using illegal tech. spying on online activity (mine), torture. FYI.
correction (sorry, they're distracting me, they're using technology to do it, illegal) 
wrong starbucks, Store #5237, 1231 Market Street, San Francisco, 415 522 1438. 911. The woman behind the counter is Kirstin, she gave me her name the last time that I was here. There is a white female who just sat next to me. Looks like she wants my notebook (evidence, receipts, destruction of evidence.)
01/15/16..."[you're] not a part of a red-neck agenda." -Alien Nation, Greenday.
Sorry! (*Cry). Love you! Sylvia Lydia *MORELOS
I'm at the Starbucks off of Market and Hyde, across the street from Burger King, perps are acting up. They charged me 25 cents for water the last time that I was here. Someone got shot?
...that's n-not funny.
Sylvia Lydia Morelos

ok, here goes. I'm sick of you punks. Billie's dick is so in my fuckin face because of whoemever wants me ta know, i'm sick of it. And no, asshole, the lowercase i doesn't mean anything. OK. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. I"M SICK OF THE PSYCHO SHIT STALKERS (WOMEN! YOURS! ARGH! included. YOUR PROMISCUITY IN MY FUCKIN FACE ---ugh! And stop pretending. I "saw" your monster self. You are truly...OBNOXIOUS. *wink.
No me molestes mas, perro. COMO CHINGAS you, "sex" life in my fuckin face. I don't fuck. Especially now. Since...er...2012, June. Too many psychos around. I was in a 4 yr relationshiop last...  .      ...  .

.......and after that for ..hm....1 month and a week fling w some other bastard in Mexico.
Around June 2012. No man, no sex since then. Took off from san diego, after mexico, went back...all this shit is related to now. So....I don't fuck around. Men ...hrm. I do NOT equate survival with men. NEver have. Never will. Unlike the whores (terrorits and gangs), who CANNOT survive WITHOUT a man (their bank accounts aren't theirs, etc.) I don't depend on anyone, never have, never will.
I come from a family of RESPECTABLE matriarchs. Single women. Strong, outspoken EDUCATED, LEGAL ALIENS, no less (MEXICANAS and JEWISH, ITALIAN...) con razon nos detestan BABOSOS.
We're considered caucasian...but we are DARK Caucasians from MEXICO. I was born here. My mother and grandmother weren's. SO Reagans are...er..THE REAL ONES, i mean. the ones who AREN'T a ...DI VOR CEE?

What's in a name I wonder?

Gerber baby (ME!) anyone?
shit. my identity is so fuckin surreal, it's surreal.
SO! Rich or poor...The real Reagans kick YOUR asses. DI!
and don't you forget it.
Now...before I was rudely interrupted by depraved jealous bitches who apparently want YOUR PUTRID dick....and have to "hurt me"...try to fuckin figure that one out, because WE HAVE NEVER MET! asshole!
I told you privately online: YOU AND I KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT MARRIED...etc.etc.
everything else is game. YOURS.

Don't bother me again. THose sick bitches of yours are in heat. Leave me the hell out of it.
I post on here...well...i don't really NEED to. OK?
I just like to. I've kept it friendly/clean/civil.
FUCK YOU  now.
Sylvia Lydia Morelos
(fuckin bitches! What some women do for you! Holy shit! Even your gay lovers...from what i understand? STALK ME UP THE FUCKIN GAZOO.)
holy shit!
Sylvia Lydia Morelos
fuck off with the homicidal women. bye!
YEs, i just called you HICKS!
Sylvia Lydia Morelos

01/15/16...7:07 p.m. Katerina Tsoucalas (maiden name), was a junior at my high school, when I was a sophomore. She was class of 1991, I was class of 1992. She lived off of Wilshire and Irolo, mid-wilshire district and her father works at the Bonaventure downtown los angeles. They are terrorists. They belong to the Greek Orthodox church. I baptized her newborn back in 1995, in the Catholic Church. Interference: Lourdes Gonzales, Gina's mother. 911
..1/15/16...hi.I am at the Next Door Shelter, 1001 Polk Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94109. :) I am on the 4th floor, bed 11, these are the facts.I've reported on other shit. Sylvia Lydia Morelos
So far so good. Not an incident here today, early evening tonight. Cool.
Filed a police report earlier today. They should work. FYI.
Suspicious activity on the 4th floor of the library today Larkin, 100 Larkin Street; I enter through HYDE AND PARK, across the street from safe place a la 70504. Okies?
...I spoke with officer A (I KID YOU NOT) :) It's on his badge!
Anyway, I reported the crowding around me...several laptops, including some asshole with a green shirt and a number 8 on it; neon green. Assange is getting on my case again. His bitch Gina is in heat, is she?
What? He gonna pull an El Sereno, e se?


...Sylvia Lydia *Morelos
Me la deben los dos perros por lo de Jessie. They were the first two on him, Gina was first.
We keep shit legal. FYI.
They better keep the peace; they have no choice in the matter. SYLVIA
Sylvia Lydia *Morelos
...              .                .
...Ya know, it's heaven to be able to sleep. In one piece. Will get used to not looking over my shoulder eventually? (note to self: stay tuned. Snicker, snicker.)

I am at the
01/14/16...3:12 p.m. I am inside the Next Door Shelter at 1001 Polk
street 94109. So far so good. I am really happy to be here. Tired.
I am at the library downstairs right now on my laptop. This is really great. I finally have a 90 day shelter! Here! Yay!

Please see my Google + hangout page for more info, videos, pics. I'm outta here! www.instantstreetview.com (note: I LOVE MY LITTLE LAPTOP!$169
ACER laptop (electronics dept. of Target off of mission and 4th street, 789 mission street, ste. 1, tenderloin. w tax it's about $180.
the prepaid phone that I bought was only $30 because I did not need access to the internet on it (i have my laptop). I bought it at the At&T store, bigger one near the Golden Gate bridge, with 65$ tops for unlimited text, email, and phone, no contracts, no hassle and the customer service reps do everything in there, monthly! off of market near the clock tower, there is a starbucks across the street. There is a smaller store prior to that one, but this is where I've done business w before and they are very reliable. So far so good!
Target laptop, can't beat the price. Go online for more info. I hope you have fun! Sylvia Lydia Morelos (my laptop is really lightweight, notebook.) I love it!
You can do sooo much with it! FREE!
Much love!
Sylvia :)
01/14/16...2:24 p.m. P.S. Sharp, Don Burke, Ray Schehl are all involved in San Diego, behavioral health, community research foundation. Gotta go! God bless! I will be walking down hyde towards leavensworth. FYI I'll be watching out for stalkers. William Jackie Rhodes, dob 07 01 54, 619 504 9514 has stalked me in the past at Next Door and at the hobby airport (see Youtube video, last year). I'm watching out for this too.
Stop violence against women now! Stalking! Sylvia Lydia Morelos
01/16/16..1:39 p.m. Hi Billie and Greenday. THERE ARE 3 PERPS, in rooms 440 and 438 up on the 4th floor in the glass study rooms who are interfering with my online work,illegal technology, using it for torture included. 911 Looks like they are giving me threats, giving threats in general about my bed in the Next Door shelter, 1001 Polk Street, www.instantstreetview.com
I will take a picture of them now. They earned it. hold on.
01/12/16..9:26 p.m. Greetings and Salutations. I am sitting in front of the Coffee Bean & Tea, 773 Market Street, 94102. Belligerent front desk person.Una "esa". Holmes. *wink. Sylvia Lydia Morelos
01/12/16...4:21 p.m. Hi Billie. I owe you a public apology for the crap that I posted on here. I'm sorry.
I am currently at the Larkin Library dealing with weirdos. I sent pics to the feds as well. Please see my google+ site at
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