February 10, 2015

02/10/15...10:32 fyi for those who need info on cells and white supremacy!Sylvia

02/10/15...10:32 fyi for those who need info on cells and white supremacy!Sylvia

02/10/15...10:34 a.m.

For those who are interested in doing their homework (some have asked me for pertinent information in the past, sorry for not having been able to do so sooner, *extenuating circumstances, i.e. extremists stalking me and instigating so that I DON'T post to you, etc...


This is what to look for
cells (at least 4:

*fed ex

*note: subject to variatons (*wink)

for those who need information, while not participating in masochistic activity. It's like Hollywood pulling a "I wanna know what it's like to be a guantta na Mo, bay prisoner." :P and getting their pics in the paper just because they care!

(fucking bleeding heart, snicker...)

unions involved

*MTA (san Francisco, san diego, sacramento, and los angeles)
*blue line (sta monica)
*san diego orange cab (per Ernestina Lorrain Reith)

*Sacramento Downtown Partnership, located in the DELOITTE building, on 8th and J, sacramento, 95814. (four cells here, the Christian Science Monitor, 009 J Street, 95814, the perfomers *inside the Cesar Chavez park across the street, the library/deloitte building, Temple Tea and coffee, and Starbuck.

*I found the San Diego Downtown Partnership as well,on 5th and C, San Diego, CA 92101. There are more than four cells there: Fed ex,the Sheraton Hotel, off of 5th and B, the 7/11 across the street (with Scripps on top of the 7/11), the bicycle shop, PMB private mailbox, and the Christian Science store not too far from the fed ex, next to CVS, which is possibly another cell (CVS).

*The Horton plaza mall, San diego, 92101
Starbucks, CVS (Kelly's infamous ugly LOVELY BONES caps are sold there, so are AMERICAN GREETINGS cards, which I already reported on to the proper authorities, the WESTIN hotel (like the Westin Hotel off of broadway across the street from the YMCA, I already reported ecommerce, UPS, across the street, and the shirt they gave me, literally, when I directly asksed them if they had any literature, i.e. "what happened to the e commerce sign that you had posted at the window a few days ago?". I was polite. :)
*there is a starbucks across the street from the Amtrak station, as well as perverse Brueggers bagels (note: they had only one copy of the Sunday LA Times newspaper, dated the 18th of January, the one where the construction worker is carrying stuff, and his face is hidden from the camera. The La times is ok. San Diego isn't having it nun, tho!
Something is also going on inside Brueggers bagels. They are all wearing their sexual preadator paraphernalia: brown shoes, tapered pants (jeans -women's for men, and tights for women, checkered and/or striped shirts --they are fatalistic, as in the FORESHADOWING of things to come, i.e. JAILBIRDS. :P) And they had "business" cards avaible to the public...er...something like that. *grin*. :)

They also had a careful, wet sign in there which I found perverse. I was in there waiting for b of a to open. Ilegals working at B of A I had a tough time with. I have their names too. note: they are wikileaks supporters, the illegals. Wikileaks was cut off from B of A, master and visa card, paypal, because WIKILEAKS is a terrorist org. These illegals inside of b of a, are getting even. fyi: I;'ve been banking with B of A since 1993, when I was 19. B of A is reliable. The illegals are undermining consumer power and protection. FYI...

to be continued...

Sylvia Lydia Morelos
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