January 30, 2015

"Wines...A Wine Journal", 01/30/15.... SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS, 12:34 P.M.

01/30/15...11:17 a.m. 911. Someone stole my notebook again. 4th Ammendment theft again. Tort Law applies. I have personal info. in there: passwords (online) bank statement, personal work (I'm a writer and a blogger, theft of intellectual property), obstruction of justice, the stuff I posted to you guys verbatim online, they got in the way of my posting publicly. Now they made it worse for themselves. online cyberhacking.
I also found the following:
"Wines...A Wine Journal"
"Write it Down!
Memories Are All That's Left
Live, Love, Laugh...
The "Write It Down!" Series
by Journals Unlimited, Inc.
Printed in the USA using recycled materials.

"Life is an adventure.
It's not the destination we
reach that's most rewarding.
It's the journey along the way.

So Write It Down! & treasure
the memory forever...
*Barlona Morina*
note: The B in Barlona is for Cornel Battle (*I noticed his signature on a warning that he and Tina White gave me). They kicked me out illegally from 515 21st Street, #4, Sacramento, Ca 95811, Midtown Manor. I met them through Theresa at the Navigator (they reel in the homeless), MENTAL ABUSES + (ADA APPLIES) have been BRUTAL, and the human rights abuses after they kicked me out were even worse. They took 650$ from me, Tina White included. Valerie Chaero represents VALERIE from SHARP MID CITY, the ADMINISTRATOR with the farm and horses. They haven't stopped stalking me.
Behavioral Healthy, Community Research Foundation, San Diego.
They reeled me in as one of the homeless.

*Morina above...the M is the same M that Nancy Derthick uses....she adds a squirrely to her N. It's the exact same M. 911.
...It is sold at Cost Plus, World Market, "Unique, Authentic, and Always Affordable, www.worldmarket.com

3624 CKOT 5833 036 007
Mini Market Wine JR

for $4.95

Authorization code: 193062
Sequence: #1234
thank you for shopping at our san diego store: 619 236 1737

How are we doing?

Complete a brief survey
within 7 days of purchase and
enter for a chance to win a
Cost Plus World Market gift card.
First Prize: $300
Second Prize: $200
First Prize: $100

50 US/(D.C.) 18+. For Official
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date and how to enter without a purchase, go to

barcode on the receipt:

January 30, 2015 10:36 am

Wines, A Wine Journal

Write It Down!
Memories Are All That's Left
Live, Love, Laugh...(footprints)....I bought a plaque with footoprints on it and left it inside the Motel room at Motel 6, America's best value inn, south lafayette, louisiana.
World Market
8 $4.95 3
Made In Usa

Staff at this location is deliberately making noise to distract me from posting.
this is theft of my intellectual property.
from the copywritten following off of ONE of my blogs:
blood money.
They're killing off brilliant minorities like myself (mom, grandmother, nuclear family-fetus, A SYL, SNOWDEN)
and they just STOLE my notebook with other info on it.
the GROCERY OUTLET bargain market for example.
Mary (the teen/kid "catholics, factions of the Catholic church) B(oys)0(r)G(irls)

TOM TOM COFFEE AT 150 Market is involved. The 10 coffee cups on their mural. Then there is the replanting of their seeds in Starbucks on their walls. Death threats credible. Rape threats included. ALL THE STAFF- minus david rock, are involved (FRONT DESK too) at 943 10th Avenue, San Diego, 92101. The front staff is telling people that I don't live there. One of them, tried to interfere with the mail (mine) in my slot, #202. He gave me a "mild" run around "i.e. which slot is yours?"
911. the clients at this location 5th & C. are involved.
Some staff (probably most).
they are killing off minorities and making money off of them. Copywritten work. My own at the COST PLUS, World Market,.

Sylvia Lydia Morelos

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