July 23, 2014

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Take Action!

After a prosecution which starkly showcased US government officials’ misplaced priorities when it comes to human rights, whistleblower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Army Private Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison.
The information that Manning gave to the public exposed the unjust detainment of innocent people at Guantanamo Bay, shown us the true human cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and changed journalism forever. There is no evidence that anyone died as a result of the leaked information.
Like Manning, we believe a healthy democracy requires public information. Take action now to support Chelsea and demand that our government focus on preventing human rights violations instead of punishing whistleblowers.

Sign our Petition to President Obama

President Obama has already granted pardons to 39 other prisoners, but the White House has stated it will not respond to Chelsea’s request for executive clemency until her appeals process is complete, which could take years. Showing public support for Chelsea Manning’s application for pardon is the best way to get a response from Obama, and to give her a real chance of being released in 3 years, or even sooner.  Sign the petition now.

You can share the petition with others through e-mail, facebook, and printing out copies to take with you to community events.

Write and call the White House

While our current focus is on the White House petition, that is only the beginning of our effort to demonstrate our support for military whistleblowing to the Commander in Chief. You can write to and call the White House in order to express your views in a more personal manner. You can also help by organizing a letter-writing drive with others in your community!

Donate to the appeals process

The legal appeals process is the most important avenue to hold the U.S. military to account for the many ways in which PVT Manning’s due process rights were violated throughout her trial, from the months of unjust and abusive solitary confinement to the utter failure to provide a speedy trial. PVT Manning’s legal defense will target appeals at all of the ways in which PVT Manning’s trial violated her rights under the U.S. Constitution and the UCMJ. Your donation can help support this crucial process.
 By contributing, you’ll also be helping to uphold Americans’ right to a speedy trial, to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and to be made fully aware of the nature of the charges against them without fear those charges may change midway through the trial.

Write to tell PVT Manning of your support!

Near the end of her trial, Chelsea Manning expressed gratitude to the countless numbers of supporters who have written her letters in prison. Now that the trial is over, she is looking forward to having the ability to write people back.

Write an Op-Ed for your local paper!

Traditional media is a good way to help educate community members about PVT Manning’s case, and to show the Defense Department and others monitoring news coverage online that there is ongoing support for Chelsea’s freedom. When you see coverage in your local paper of defense issues, whistleblowing, freedom of information or a related issue, submit a  letter of your own explaining why Chelsea Manning needs to be remembered!
Help pressure President Obama to pardon PVT Chelsea Manning!

176 thoughts on “Take Action!

  1. so here’s an art idea. i’m blatantly copying amnesty intl, but didn’t someone say that copying someone is the best form of flattery?
    anyway, to gain attention regarding the conditions at guantanamo bay, they re-created one of the cells there – i think it was in the back of a truck, and they invited people to come sit in the cell for 5-10 minutes a piece.
    since brad is in solitary, why don’t we create a cardboard “cell” – and at future actions, we invite people to sit inside the cardboard walls for a few minutes to simulate being in solitary. we of course don’t have to take people’s clothes, but we can make them precisely aware of the fact that if they were brad, this would happen to them. also, part of this art installation would be a matress on the ground or on a really awful cot.
    this “cell” could be portable and go from action to action – it would be easy to make, put up and take down, and the most important part about it would be inviting people, random passerby and everyone, to interact with it. nothing spreads the message of suffering as well as safe, sanitized re-creation of it. people who might not understand why solitary confinement is torture would get a much better idea by sitting in the “cell” for a few minutes.
    and of course, all participation would be completely voluntary, and if no volunteers or curious passer-by came foward, then protestors could use the “cell” as a visual protest tool.
    so there’s my idea. i hope this helps get our creative juices flowing!
    • How awesome is this!!! Thank you sir for your volunteering your services to this service members defense. This renews my faith in mankind. God Bless you sir and your family.
      • This is all about our freedom and rights of the individual. Governments are worried about loss of power to the internet.
        I see the internet as a valuable asset in maintaining a democratic system. It should be allowed to develop into a secure voting platform where registered voters can offer ideas and give opinions as well as offer their free services in running former overstaffed government offices.
        Many very qualified retired or physically disabled people could do valuable work free of charge from home via the internet. to help run government departments. This would reduce the financial burden on government and the tax required to operate the present system.
        This witch hunt attitude is going nowhere but aggravating law abiding citizens that want to see a free democracy, not one where our rights are being whittled away.
    • Absolutely perfect idea!
      Ellsberg says that the single most important thing you can do to let the government know we won’t tolerate what our whistleblowers let us know about, and we won’t tolerate their prosecution is to stand up for them NOW.
    • During this holiday season, I have not forgotten you. You are in my prayers nightly. May your dreams come true, and may you be free soon. That’s my Christmas wish for you. Warmly, Carol
  2. This action against one individual who is an American citizen, showsfully how America is acting as a ReAtionary Body aginst there own citizen, shown by The Gov. reaction to this one Issue(guantanamo bay)brought up by one Individual(citizen)concerning a pice of America, where the rules,of America,Constitution, do not apply,
  3. I suggest that the motto for Baradley Manning’s actions shoud be the very words of Mahatma Ghandi: “When injustice becomes a law, disobiedience is a moral obligation”
  4. La liberté de tous repose sur le courage de quelques-uns dont le soldat bradley manning !
    N.B. Je regrette de n’avoir pu remplir avec succès votre formulaire de donation. Problème à revoir pour les contributions hors USA ?
  5. N.B.bis I am happy to know that you will eventually receive my very modest contribution. Note that I was informed at home this morning by a phone call suggesting that my money account could be in danger asking if I really made a donation ! This imply that your acknowledgment message figures in France on some security control list.
  6. I have made donations with Paypal, and my Visa, but now am cut off! I will try Amex next. This proves that even sending money electronically will never be free from a political agenda.
      • Yes… Shame on the USA… Covering up its corruption in Government and ruining the lives of young men (Snowden, Assange & Manning)who are honest and exercising their right to ‘freedom’ of speech. An international embarrassment.
  7. Reading the scripts of the conversation between manning and lamo (the man who informed on manning to the authorities) as published here http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/07/manning-lamo-logs it becomes very clear that manning is a SHE not a he. She says so several times. She was planning to start her physical transition as soon as she returned to U.S. soil and at one point explains that although she doesn’t care about the risk of prison or execution, she does care that her picture will be published around the world as a boy, and that she will be referred to as HE. Since this is clearly against her wishes, since she clearly identifies as SHE, can people please please start respecting this?
    • Actually, it isn’t clear that Bradley Manning had made a decision to be referred to as she and use a new name. Definitely was questioning and thinking about change, but then arrested and silenced. It doesn’t seem right to make that change for Bradley ourselves. He has been abused and silenced, but until we know for sure what he wants, we shouldn’t try to decide for Bradley.
      Read more, about this specific issue, by people who are doing everything they can to support: http://www.bradleymanning.org/news/feminist-trans-advocates-should-support-bradley-manning
  8. Bradley is high on our national news in the UK and so he should be, possibly a braver man than any top brass of the US army. He has reported the so called un-reportable to the shame of a very small minority. So times in life we have to make brave decisions and Bradley deserves a medal not a sentence. The stupidity of Bradleys trial is that we already know the outcome. I love America and the people of America are the warmest kindest people on earth, but you must question your politicians are you really the land of the free. God bless you Bradley and good luck, because you need it mate! Love & Freedom Terry Mc
    • Bradley is a hero our government is the traitors,you should learn to read so you can look at the evidence and see it for yourself that is if you have a backbone not to lie to yourself about the facts.
      • I’m sure Richard can read pretty well, which makes it even worse for him. But even if he couldn’t, it doesn’t take a rocket science to recognize a crime while watching “Collateral Murder” video leaked by Bradley. If he betray USA by passing to someone tactical positions of US Marines and this would result in loss on side of the soldiers fighting for freedom and democracy, then, DEAR RICHARD, surely Bradley would be seen as traitor, arrested and stand in fair trial. There wouldn’t be millions of people around the world calling for his freedom.
        I say, anyone who fail to report a crime is also committing one. Any of those who were aware of the dirty practices in Iraq should stand in trial. But clearly they have to pick one of the 99% to spread the fear amongst the rest. If this trial goes wrong, this would be another big message to us. But how long it can go like this, how long we can step back? Only until we reach the edge. Bradley’s case indicates the edge…
    • That’s the brainwashing talking. I don’t support murder of any kind unless it is true self defense. If something isn’t RIGHT in your heart we should have freedom to object it. This is not about the U.S. vs everyone else. Its about LOVE VS HATE good vs evil. I don’t care where ur from i will support hate and I will not live in fear.
    • Richard, Bradley did not release “sensitive information” that would have put our country in danger. Do your research. He exposed America being owned by the corporations and wall street and enforced by the military. He handed over a film clip of two men in a helicopter giggling and hooting as they were gunning down a young journalist, the medics trying to save him and some unarmed citizens.
      You sleep and sleep deeply within the matrix. You are the traitor, not Bradley.
    • @ Richard @Tony There’s always some ignorant brainwashed fool with too little info and too bigger mouth. Anyone who doesn’t support Bradley is a traitor of the highest order, a traitor to truth, a traitor to freedom and a traitor to human kind. Maybe we should be locking people up for ignorance and this planet might run a whole lot smoother. Free Bradley Manning.
  9. Americans are some worthwhile, and Bradley is one of those.
    This quotation was taken from a latin newspaper:
    “(…) These files were later found in the public domain site Wikileaks and included a video taken from a U.S. helicopter attacking a group of civilians in Baghdad and hear the laughter of the crew when they are shooting.”
    Bradley Manning you are a hero and South America supports you.
  10. The Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) requires the protection of whistleblowers. It incorporates a legal rule that the informer of a scandal shall be protected.
    Now you can say that this idea does not pertain to military affairs which would mean that the military can afford any kind of scandal – an interesting point of view if you consider the idea that the military shall help to establish civilized and democratic structures in the middle east countries. This would be an actual contradiction.
    Or you say that the legal point incorprated in the Sarbanes Oxley Act is a universal idea which pertains to every legal area. Then you have to set Bradley Manning free. Tertium non datur.
    • Actually, it doesn’t really apply to military. If he was really so concerned about being a whistle-blower, he would’ve pursued one of the avenues for reporting suspected wrongdoing: his chain of command, the IG, or a member of Congress. He lost all claim to whistle-blower status when he illegally copied a bunch of CDs and gave them to the first taker he found. He should simply be prosecuted for violating his NDA and left to rot in a jail cell.
      • I understand that BM did attempt to use the chain of command, and that copying and making public classified information is the definition of a whistleblower, when applied in the Military Justice system. I can’t imagine the military using NDA’s. In the old days one swore to uphold the Constitution first and foremost, and this can be abrogated by no NDA. Anyway, are you saying that an NDA should trump a sworn oath to the constitution? Or just that there should be a trial so that we can put this legal question to the test?
        Good news for you then. Bradley Manning’s court marshal begins 3 May and, if we pay attention, we may get an answer to that question.
        • The US military has long used Non disclosure agreements, Ask the servicemen released from captivity in Japan at the end of WW2, Those that saw the results of the atom bombs, and probably others, were made to sign NDA’s that they would never disclose their experiences in Japan. Most were very unhappy about it and were unable to talk to their family’s about their experiences or explain their feelings/reactions to situations.
  11. Evil propogates when honest people stay silent. Although the American government has always has taken the front seat in control freakery it is endemic throughout the western world. What has happened to Bradley is just another example of big corrupt government doing whatever it needs to to keep control. You have to ask yourself who is it that benefits from western goverment policy, it is cetainly not the greater majority. No we are used and abused by the powers that be as cannon fodder to protect big money interests. For the love of humanity we have to wake people up, or we will sleep walk into oblivion.
  12. Our government has been abusing Bradley Manning by keeping him in solitary confinement for months and is now prosecuting him for revealing government “secrets”, which as far as we know are mostly confidential diplomatic cables. To say nothing of the destruction we subjected Iraq and its people to for more than eight years. Meanwhile, we have carelessly left behind in Iraq “secret” documents in a junkyard in Iraq. Appalling.
  13. I wish I could tell Mr. Bradley Manning personally that he is one of the few lights in this world, an actual hero. I wish him strength, endurance and the good luck that one needs to see that what he has done was right, is appreciated by many and will hopefully be also good for him personally in the end.
  14. I believe that one of the people most interested in seeing him prosecuted is Hillary Clinton. She stands on the dias next to bush and cheney. She should be so very ashamed as am I, of her.
  15. (For Bradley):
    Was there really a Santa Claws?
    Well, yes indeed, quite true ~
    Surprised? You like ‘hard facts’?
    Most of us do, too ~
    I’d like to ask these men
    Who found it so amusing
    Did their bellies shake…?
    When they decided, “This, we’re using!”
    Is WAR, to some, a joke? ~
    “Find the terrorists!”
    “We HAVE” OOPS! (I misspoke…)
    They waited til the dark
    ‘And brought their little toys’
    Not quiet as a mouse
    But terrorizing noise…
    First, we’ll kick your door in,
    Then we’ll shout at you
    Offer us resistance…?
    Go ahead – Please DO!
    Women and children crying…
    Hooray! Santa Claws is here!!
    This WAR (they have) ON TERROR
    Well, part of it is fear…
    A man is now on trial ~
    Right NOW! At Christmas time!
    PEACE ON EARTH is all they want
    Their message, so sublime ~
    “How dare you question US!”
    “Our heroes, now in danger!!”
    This GOD you TRUST so much…
    Is he some lost evil stranger?
    Cross-examine YOURSELVES
    You’re sick, and full of guile
    And ‘out’ the mad, rude elves
    Who kill ~ HO HO ~ and smile
    “I’ll leave this on the table”
    It will give you energy…
    Come to the LIGHT you fools
    “GOD BLESS” ~ our Dear Bradley…
    Shirley Forget
    Christmas 2011
  16. I am so enlivened by the comments here and on other sites,there is a growing awareness of what is really going on. The great dragedy is that in the US as in the UK and most of the west there is no real alternative to government of the greedy for the greedy by the greedy. We must forget about party politics and look for honourable voices to support. If you ever get to read these words Bradley you are a true hero , and millions of people support your shout of freedom.
  17. A lawyer for 32 years, only pretends to offer help. All lawyers are liars! I have been in military prison when they served bread & water, so why is Bradley still wearing that uniform, if they are going kill him anyways? Its because his lawyers have lied to him, just as the media has lied to you. These petitions and protests change nothing. So where is the REAL change? When is ANYONE going to take the oath and our constitution seriously? Without a constitution, what do you have? NOT MUCH!
  18. My thoughts go out to you and your family Bradley, what a hell you all are going through, you have my full support and a donation will be sent ASAP!
    Best wishes and season greetings from Denmark :)
  19. If this world were not so mad then Bradley Manning would not be facing life in prison. However, it IS mad and all I can say is thank you Pfc. Manning for your courage and bravery, best of luck and best wishes from Ireland. If only everyone had such courage to face injustice, the world would be a better place. Unfortunately most are greedy and small-minded and for that I have no faith in humanity! But people like Manning provide hope and inspiration and we can only aspire to better things… Here’s to enlightenment, peace and goodwill throughout the world! Keep fighting the good fight!
    • Regarding the question of “Breanna Manning”, everything we know from Bradley Manning’s friends, family, and legal defense team, is that he wishes to be referred to as Brad or Bradley until he’s able to get to the next stage of his life. Bradley has indicated that he’s not interested in publicly addressing this issue. -Bradley Manning Support Network. July 24, 2012
      For more info, check out
      Feminist, trans advocates should support Bradley Manning. March 1, 2012
  20. I wish the trained stooged running for the GOP nomination had enough back bone to say something about this injustice and prove they love freedom and America as much as they say they do.
  21. Report a crime not a crime.
    Denunciar un delito no es un crimen, si se acusa de filtrar datos del gobierno de EU significa que los crimenes son reales y se debiera investigar tambien a los autores de esos crimenes.
    • The traitors and disgraces here are the perpetrator of these heinous acts committed while representing America and not the person who brought these terror creating crimes to light.
    • We can certainly agree, you and I. that just deserts
      are owed to Bradley.
      I am afraid we part ways on the traitor/disgrace to the Army/disgrace to the country thing.
      We will see how the court martial sees it, after all the evidence and testimonies are heard at the trial.
      By the way, the court martial starts on the third of June. You’d be well served to listen up, and think for yourself.
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  23. If everyone with a conscience who works for a corporation or government office & has inside information about its dirty dealings leaked it, we would shortly have a much better world. Incarceration of only one of us will not prevent the manifestation of those truths. Those who truly deserve incarcerating are soon to realize it. Call on those you know within such entities to consider their options, particularly what sort of future, if any, they wish their grandchildren to have.
  24. I have an idea to help get the word out about Bradley and may help get more supporters.I noticed that news channels like NBC,ABC,CBS,and FOX have said nothing about Bradley,I know they censor their news.By censoring the news it keeps people in the dark about Bradley.Bradley wanted everybody to see the light.I found out that NBC had a Facebook wall and no comments about Bradley.The Staff of this website needs to post comments on NBC’s wall and try to get some discussions going and let people know the truth about him.This also needs to be done with the other news channels.You also need to tell the people on your Save Bradley Manning page to go there as well start some discussions.this would help get the word out about Bradley.I can’t help on Facebook anymore,they kicked me off.But I do support Bradley still and I always will.
  25. Good luck Bradley Manning. I signed your petition but I did not receive a confirmation to my email so I don’t think it registered.
    We are with you Bradley Manning, and you did a brave thing and I hope there are more like you that will do the same.
  26. i’m totally impressed with his courage and provided my personal info so i can be in the loop. it’s the 21st century , which means stop sending paperwork to my mailbox on this issue. e-mail is OK. stop behaving like it’s the 20th century .
    • Unfortunately, if we did not engage in direct mail fundraising, we would not reach thousands of folks who still very much rely on such appeals when deciding when and where to donate. These folks are usually older–but older folks give a larger than average portion to Bradley’s defense fund. Of course we honor “remove from postal mailing” requests, and I was able to find your name in our database and removed it. But from the perspective of building the strongest and farthest reaching campaign for Bradley possible, we’d be negligent not to use postal mail–along side “21st century” tools like e-mail and social networking sites.
  27. I think this has something to do with the U.F.O.’s and I’ve posted a comment before and then I got my E-mail account hacked by somebody, but it might be these people who I basically asked to “follow” me. I don’t know if you people know but the U.F.O.’s might hve flown down here and installed some stuff in him and forced/controlled him to do this. There is a huge issue though and it involes the rest of the people and if anybody goes and looks and finds something or he remembers anything odd about his own behavior then many people are at risk of going to prison (eating s#%$) or getting it from the U.F.O.’s, but I’ve got a plan to rid the American gov. and their ways so that this don’t happen (above) to the rest of the people. If you know what I mean. So be cautious about this ’cause the gov. will be after you if you try anything risky. Might be worth the pay-out in 1000 years or so when these people (in the gov) figure out what I’m trying to do now.
  28. From: Peter Whitis
    Date: March 17, 2012 7:28:01 PM CDT
    To: Tom Giffey
    Subject: Bradley Manning letter to the editor
    Hello Tom:
    PFC Bradley Manning, an alleged whistleblower, is accused of leaking classified materials to WikiLeaks including the video of the killing of unarmed Iraqi civilians and two Reuters journalists. The video of a helicopter shooting at people on the ground and in a car was called ‘Collateral Murder’ and seen by millions of people on YouTube. Manning has been held for almost two years, much of it in solitary confinement. The United Nations special investigator has been prevented from seeing him to investigate reports of his being tortured and receiving inhumane treatment. Our government has been calling Manning a traitor, a terrorist, an aid to al Qaeda and is apparently using his imprisonment and military trial as an object lesson for future potential whistleblowers.
     Specialist Ethan McCord, U.S. Army, now retired, is actually seen on the video attempting to rescue two children (who did survive their wounds but lost their father.) McCord reports that this “horrific and wholly unnecessary mass killing” was not exceptional, rather it was the norm. He describes how the Battalion Commander of his unit 2nd battalion, 16th infantry one day announced: “Anytime your convoy gets hit by an IED, I want 360 degree rotational fire. You kill every (expletive) in the street! (original bold)” McCord and others in his outfit who felt this order was morally wrong tried to avoid shooting innocent civilians. But in doing so, they were berated and told to “suck it up” and toughen up. McCord felt he and fellow soldiers had no recourse to take their concerns to higher command. (see the website )
    The Leader-Telegram, Saturday March 17, had a column on openness in government and a cartoon captioned, “Time for a little sunshine.”; the point being that citizens have a right to know about their govenment. The eternal quest for the truth versus secrecy will not disappear soon. We can all be grateful to those who have the courage of their conscience and inform the rest of us. In order to change what is wrong, we need information—and whistleblowers.
    Peter R. Whitis, M.D.
    3131 Pana Circle
    Eau Claire, WI  54701
    (715) 852-0383
    The local paper, Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire, WI would not publish this letter.
  29. A correction to my comment of March 17, 2012: the local paper, Leader-Telegram published the letter to the editor with minor corrections on April 7, 2012.
  30. Mr Bradley Manning has been incredibly courageous in exposing horrific abuses of power and war crimes that have been carried by the US government, it’s military, the Bush administration, against ordinary Iraqi and Afghan people; some of the worlds poorest people in fact.
    Like David against Goliath he is a inspirational lesson to us all, and his brave action has informed and moved a number of nations and peoples to fight against the oppression they suffer in their own nations; mostly against dreadful despotic governments that have actually been supported by US foreign policy. The recent uprisings in various nations in the middle east, in particular, have been partly inspired by the documents Mr Manning was able to release on the Wikileaks website.
    His action, to help expose a US fascist foreign policy, in the age of the internet, maybe the start of a new age of real transparent democracy, likes of which the world has never seen before.
    Those who accuse Manning of being a traitor to the US need to study the Constitution of the United States, and realise that George W Bush’s government was not a government “for the people, by the people”. And that in taking action against that government Mr. Bradley Manning is as much a patriot as Mr. John Adams, second President of the United States.
    Lastly, Bradley Manning has proved himself an admirable courageous young man, and an true blooded patriot, and an incredibly moral person. He deserves the worlds respect, and it’s support, and he deserves his freedom.
    Richard Cooper
  31. I have a question. Can the information released by Bredley Manning be used to prosecute state institutions or persons in public offices?
    • I would like to know also, if the criminals can be prosecuted. The focus should be on the torturers and the war criminals , not on the begging for mercy for the life of the martyr bradley manning.We are describing the wheels as the steamroller steadily drives right over us. Where is the offenseive team? Manning started the battle by identifying the enemy,(step number one) but, now what? Patriotism to the ideals of freedom and liberty demands all traitors to said ideals be tried, all the way TO,(and especially AT)the top.I dont hear this being even considered.Can someone fill me in on where this is going on?
      • I perfectly agree with you. Bradley’s work is just the first step. Now people should defend him but also ( very important ) continue what he started.
        On the other side, for an organization like Bradley Manning Support Network this maybe a bit too difficult.
        In my opinion the continuation of Bradley’s work should be a revolution of consciousness at global scale, each individual and social group becoming a pocket of resistance against any form of oppression and discord.
        Best wishes from Romania
        • Agreed.
          I anticipate that Bradleys court marshal will be the match that lites the fuse on a “revolution of consciousness at global scale”.
          If we all pull together…….
  32. It is outrageous that a man who seeks to tell the world the truth is being crucified. Didn’t this happen to someone born in Bethlehen? And to think Americans call themselves Christians! Blah, blah, blah.
  33. I’m not so sure what he was thinking, but I think he might be marytering himself and I would like to know what for ’cause everyone would know that if you stole anything from somebody then you get caught and I know that he knew that and this shows me that he was doing this for some reason wether it be ’cause we (the people) wanted to know and then he told us or it’s ’cause the Gov. is behind something and he wanted to tell us. If it was the second reason then I would like to know that and want to help persue “what you can call justice” and know that this is one of those things that involved natural human behaviors and that shoud be thought of. He was even doing natural human things and there will be some type of thing that will make hem get more time and even death. If there is something I can do to help him I would but this is the Department of Justice and they are rock hard and follow procedures and that’s going to be tuff.
  34. As previous posters have asked also ‘why are those who have committed these war crimes not been brought in to give account of their actions? Those at the top of the steaming pile, who openly revel in ordering the murder of innocents ie. Bush, Blair, Clinton et al. daily advocate such murder! Why are they walking around, still lying, still smirking and raking in blood money? Do they think or feel at all?
    I have great respect for Bradley Manning. It takes great courage to act with such honour and if only a few more of us acted with such selfless integrity, the world and humanity would be happier. I cannot be there physically to support Bradley, but I will be in spirit. God bless you Bradley – you are amazing.
  35. I just finished watching a movie about the women’s suffrage movement. I think he’s basically a political prisoner for a civil rights issue. The military is increasingly oppressive in many ways. What I see is similar to tipping the press for a human rights violation on behalf of the principles of democracy. The problem is in a corrupted war right and wrong is incredibly blurred. The shooter in Colorado is getting actual fair trial while a hero is martyred in some ideological witch hunt.. A person acting on behalf of civil rights is treated worse in America than rapists and murderers. We live in a culture of violence. Obama is living up to perpetuation of a militarized aka violent society value system. I’m slowly losing my faith in a just America.
  36. Sent an e-mail to the white house suggesting they might not be getting 12,000 votes for all of us that have signed Daniel Ellsberg’s petition for the immediate release of Bradley Manning.
  37. The whole Assange thing brought this story to light for me. I watched the video of the ‘collateral’ murder of civilians and journalists by the US military, a video by the US military in abject horror. The cockiness of an armed force to be inflicting this sort of heinous outrage – flagrant unwarranted murder – on unarmed people whilst actually *recording* the event for immortality beggars belief.
    Am I the only one seeing this? Has the entire world gone mad? How can the mere existence of such a document not create moral outrage in a nation that prides itself on so-called Christian beliefs? What am I missing, here? Am I pathetically naive?
  38. I sit here in the north of Spain, fuming about both Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. I have donated money and signed all the relevent petitions. And there seems to be nothing else i can do to try to help Bradley get free. Not being a US citizen I can’t easily tackle North American politicians. I can’t try to raise public awareness here – Wales and the USA are too far away. Spaniards have their own problems. So I, and probably more like me need constructive action, mainly writing letters, filling in more and more petitions to more and more people, things we (and some of us are getting old) in Europe can do to help. Can The Support Network keep us in mind and try to use us more.
  39. After reading an article in a Swedish newspaper about Bradley Mannings destiny I wonder what we people are having in front of us and what we have became so far.
    A a lot has become upside down these days.
    I have been raised to stand up for the human rights and to have moral courage and I have raised my children to do the same.
    I´m convinced that Bradley Manning was convinced that he was doing the right thing when he had the courage to let the world know what was going on in Iraq.
    He could not do anything else.
    “A man has to do what he has to do” otherwise he is not a human being – that is my belief.
    Bradley Manning is a hero, and if the world had more people acting like him it would probably look a lot different from what it does today. Just because of his actions I personally have more hope for the future than I had before – and for that I thank him.
    I really do hope that the earlier asked question will be answered under the following hearings;
    “Isn´t a soldier required to report a war crime?”
    and wasn´t it just these instructions Bradly Manning fullfilled?
  40. I’m on board! I will do all I can to support Bradley Manning, including attending a day or two of his hearings, raising money for his defense and planning events in my country–Rockland County, New York.
  41. you may not care that history will judge you as a corrupt government, but you and I have a feeling that the spirit knows you and what you do here, let him go free’ is your freedom to, think about that.
  42. Remember Bradley
    (To Bradley Manning)
    When one,astonished,hears some truth,
    Or just escaped a butcher’s booth,
    Thank Martin,Malcolm,Lisa,Ruth,
    But don’t forget of Bradley.
    When nearly killed,one lives for now,
    Remember Auschwitz,Ruhr,Dachau,
    Survived by many too,but how!
    So don’t forget of Bradley.
    Before got drowned,droned,or yet drawn
    On drugs to shoot and stand alone
    With memories and conscence gone,
    Friends,don’t forget of Bradley.
    • please repeat that to Mr. President Obama ’cause he already needed two Bibles (MLKing …) for speaking so called “truth and nothing but the truth”. SO HELP ME GOD! And I agree, support Bradley and all whistle-blowers (Assange too)
  43. Bradley Manning stands for all of who want to know the truth and expect to hear the truth from our representatives and our media. The difference is that he allegedly took action on it. We need to show our gratitude and support . Support our whistle-blowers !
  44. Bradley manning is an american hero and a hero for humanity! He stood up againt the oppressors and gave the oppressed a voice or tried to anyway. And for that he is being punished unjustifiably. NWO, ILLUMINATI and everything else makes sense when you look at where we are steering as a community. As a muslim i believe that he has done more for the muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq by blowing the cover with WIkiLEaks than many muslims have in their lifetime or ever will.
    He will be in my prayers. May ALLAH swt grant him freedom and the will to stand against the tyrants!
    Best Wishes
      • Dear Marine,
        We call them guilty when the trial is over, not before. There are several reasons the trial might find him guilty or not guilty. The point is that what we wear a uniform for is to ensure each person gets a fair trial (one of many reasons.)
        After the trial, voice your opinion on the result.
        Just my opinion.
        Retired USAF E-7
      • @L/Cpl Frizzell
        Have you ever heard for something people usually call ‘ethics’? Do you see the importance of Bradley act …for freedom (you are still free, I suppose). Have you ever did something good for someone, even a small thing to anyone, … just to have a feeling what does it mean? If not, time will show you (even at the End) what you have missed … sorry.
      • Bradley knew what he was risking when he took the assignment on himself.
        After learning of what he did, of the truth behind the facade, he copied and then released the documents.
        He knew capture and prosecution could result in various mistreatments, like the solitary confinement that he experienced at Quantico. Do you imagine, after what he had seen, learned, that Bradley didn’t know what would be his treatment if he was caught?
        Risking what Bradley has to educate the world about the crimes committed by the US government speaks of boldness, and raw courage etc. It speaks not at all of a “fear of being caught”.
        As for “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”, could you please convey that sentiment to your president so that he can move forward with prosecuting the crimes exposed by wikileaks by way of that National hero PFC Bradley Manning?
        If Bradley is found guilty he is and always has been prepared to “do the time”.
  45. I think Bradley Manning is a hero and should be freed immediately. He is one of the few with honor and integrity who had the courage to stand up for all of us. Thank you, Bradley Manning.
  46. ‘If patriotism were defined, not as blind obedience to government, nor as submissive worship to flags and anthems, but rather as love of one’s country, one’s fellow citizens (all over the world), as loyalty to the principles of justice and democracy, then patriotism would require us to disobey our government, when it violated those principles.
    Historically, the most terrible things – war, genocide and slavery- have resulted not from disobedience, but from obiedience’ – Howard Zinn
  47. How dare the warmongering (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, etc.) so called President accept a Nobel Peace Prize and put keep the most deserving of the award in Prison??!!
  48. Ich möchte Bradley Manning meinen Dank für seien Mut aussprechen.
    Er entlarft das militärische System und deckt die Lügen auf. Es gibt keinen sauberen Krieg. Krieg ist ein Verbrechen!
    Es müsste mehr Menschen wie Bradley geben.
    Viel Glück!!
    • Sgt. French,
      Is it still death in the US?
      Barbaric really, but arguments are made for and against by worthier than I.
      The question is then, did PFC Bradley Manning commit treason against the USA.
      He, as you, swore an oath to protect the constitution (you know, that pesky little swearing in ceremony?)
      If Bradley acted on the belief that some part of the constitution was at risk, would he not be obligated to protect it, to take those actions he deemed necessary to it’s defense?
      I contend that is what he did, and not having done so would be contrary to the oath taken.
      Some of the testimony at the court martial should be very interesting and informative. The outcome will be one of those moments in history, if it gets that far.
  49. Brad, your a hero beause you did the right thig and for that I thank you, and please know that I’ll never forget I will teach my childern the truth my granchildern, we will never forget the truth and the price that you’ve paid for the freedom of our family thank you
  50. HI,
    I have been working on a video featuring my song “Balladeer” to support the veterans suffering from PTSD and their families and friends who are dealing with their PTSD secondhand.
    You can check it out on YouTube at: LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l_26flLyvo
    I’m trying to make key connections with groups like yours to help spread your message, so we can force the others to take notice and start making changes in how we are supporting our troops when they come home.
    Thanks for considering helping me turn the tide so we can generate real world support for our veterans. I would love to donate part of the proceeds of the success of this video, song and future documentary to your project, if you are interested in helping me spread the message.
  51. Bradley only spoke up, because the military were not conducting themselves according to the Law, enver mind morals and Ethics. He saw abuse, and he knew that this woudl not resolve through internal reporting.
    This was too big and needed to be exposed to teh world. This is not an attack on America. This is an Attack on barbarism. He could not just let it go.
    I am sure teh army has regulation against the elaking of any such things, and teat issues of this nature must be resolved internally ior there is treason.
    I feel that something must have been pretty oit in teh military for this kind of magnitude and number of abiuses to be taking place.
    There was no internal option, and the leak was valid.
    The military must use this to their advantage, to improve their conduct.
    There shoudl not be a punishment for Manning as a pure means to impede further leakage, but perhaps an improvement of the report lines and response to such reports, and a self correcting system, to prevent these siutuations from occurring.
    Clearly teh military will fight for secrecy, or everyone wil just leak all the time.
    The solution is to have no such crimes to hide, not to punish the true tellers!
    We hope that teh military does not aprove iof teh abuses reported…
    The issue is what are they doing about that? Why did Braddley have to witness such things and have to risk his life to expose them, to be in brotherhood with man and in integrity?
    No sioldier shoudl have to lose all his values, when he leaves thinking he will be serving his nation… and finds he is just party to war crimes, for seeing them, if he does not report them.
    Seeing teh risk, he reported it covertly.
    That was his only way of helpibng stop more atrocities.
    Unless this stands, Second WW II repeats. The whole Human Declaration Bill was about preventing more genocides and more War crimes.
    This has got to stop.
    Bradley is like a German reporting the atrocities to the Jews… mid war!!
    xxxx k
  52. Dear Bradley, believe it, the Truth will set you free.
    If you notice, the integrity you have is an enormous freedom. You live in a freedom many cannot have in a broadly open space. For ability to face, and tell truth is the very ultimate exercise of freedom. That mental state is priviledged and very difficult to reduce more than temporarily.
    The truth you may have spread, has shaken the whole world. It may well not have been you. You stand representing that ideal, one way or another.
    Stay strong.
    That beauty called truth is untouchable. It is your most impenetrable shield. Whatever the truth is.
    God be with you.
  53. Bradley did not conspire with a foreign power and sold sensitive informations to make money or to any help to the cause of the enemy, it is not a betrayal, he complained, and he was right to do so,about a very serious situation,revealing the actions omitted wartime agisement going against agreements of Genèves! He was alone, and it is very brave to have done this, because for him it was a serious and unfair, and it was! His jugment and reason have not been altered or obscured, he did not jeopardized other soldiers,(obviously) by his exposures, it is a true hero who acts with compassion in respect of its fellows countrymen, without trying to get a personal interest, and it pays a high price at the moment,his detention was outrageous and scandalous to human dignity,he isn’t a terrorist,and he didn’t helped them….Don’t forget him, if you are atheist, pray for him, if you are faithful, the way of the righteous is sometimes mercyless !
    Thanks for your attention :
    “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
    - George Orwell
    Bradley Manning should be propose the nobel prize for peace. He deserves it imo.
  54. As wonderful as Brad’s actions were, and as atrocious the government has been prior to and during this fiasco, I still CANNOT condone the divulgence of classified information to persons without clearance. On this stance, I can’t falter. I was a soldier too. This was one of the top rules. Still is. An individual does not have the right (especially while serving) to decide which info is ok to leak… what if it were encoded weapons specs? How would the layman know? You don’t, so you don’t divulge. PERIOD.
    Do the time, accept your award from Nobel & know you did a good thing for the people… you just did it the wrong way, sadly.
    • So, do you still hold your position on the leaking of classified documents in regard to the Verizon Order?
  55. Westminster style of Government; voters elect candidate. He/ She then tows the party line.
    US Presidential elections depends on who can raise the most campaign funds..Undemocratic.
    Of the people
    By the people
    For the people
    Bradley Manning.
  56. Please note that Americans Against the War France will hold a vigil for Bradley on February 23 at Place St. Michel, Paris, from 3-5pm.
  57. So again we have learned the truth concerning massive wrong doing by our nation and military. Thank you Bradley Manning!!! We just do not seem to care enough to WORK toward changes. So long as we are not directly hurt by what is happening we just decide to ignore it.. even if it results in the death of thousands and massive distruction. We are not becoming as concerned as we became when we ended the Vietnam crime… look what a terrible useless war that was… and the current one will be viewed the same way by history.
    At the very least, please give Bradley LIP SERVICE.
  58. Dear Bradley Manning!
    It is typical for the world, in which we have to live, that all the nice things, which are politicians use daily, are only lies, in order to get the legitimation for their destroyable aims and obsessions!
    But what You did, was good, und noone can make it undone.
    It must be havy for You, to stay in prison and do not know, what will happen with you.But remember, that those, who judge on you, should be in your position and suffer like You. They all criminals, though they seem to be the goods!
    We admire You and hope that You will survive this injustice und these lies, which are typical for our system!
    Many kind regards! Your Ludwig from Germany, which is not better than your country, because it is his aim, to became like the USA! This dreadfully fools!
  59. Usual shit from the usual wealthy culprits trying to hide then stench of their shit.
    Bradley will not be released as they are terrified of people like him telling the truth about their corrupt nepotistic little world. They believe they know what’s best for the world, and certainly know what’s best for themselves.
    On the bright side, statistically at least 1/3 of them will die slow painful deaths from cancer. So there’s always that, at least.
  60. What is reality and what is fake? Free the man and don’t pretend it matters whether for US defence or any other agency or officials. Start doing something useful for the world i peril and pain instead of defending the continuous warfare and suppression sucking out resources wherever you can find people stupid enough or ruthless enough to comply. Has he US ever touched the possibility of letting poor countries develop their own resources on the basis of toll protection like the Western world used to for our development?
  61. Bradley,Don’t give up! We will always support you! They can lie, can hide, they can suppress.. but they are definitely not the victory! Maybe they thought we would be afraid of government, afraid of the military… But they are wrong.We will never yield, never fear, we will continue to protest what, know you acquitted! Because everyone knows, you are innocent, they are in the world is affected by the support!
    U.S government made Too many lies, through their,,, making too many wars,, to their purpose… War and how many people were killed? Their UVA killed many civilians!, We don’t wanna have 911 again,and i don’t wannt our Goverment love to kill !Please no more lies,, do not make so many unfair judgment!!
  62. Human beings are like parts of the body,
    made of the same essence.
    When one part in hurting and in pain,
    the others cannot remain at peace.
    If the misery of others leave you indifferent
    and without feelings of sorrow,
    then you cannot be called a human being.
    (excerpt for President Carter’s book: “Keeping Faith”)
  63. As I learn more about this case, I’m more and more convinced that Bradley’s motives for leaking the collateral murder video and documents were honorable–an attempt to stimulate discussion and debate about war–and in no way dishonorable as to give “aid to the enemy.” The picture I get of America at war, whether from Nick Turse’s book “Kill Anything That Moves” about the Vietnam War or from the Iraq War veterans who returned their war medals to the government, or from the those items Bradley Manning leaked, is brutal and ugly, completely outside the rules of engagement. Bradley should be released; the guys in the attack helicopter should be in jail; America should be out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
  64. After nuking Japan, the ridiculous Vietnam war & the fresh debacle of the Iraq war, it is obvious that the United States is the global enemy to be feared by all (including American citizens). Bradley Manning will be looked upon by history as a true American hero who exposed wrongs & injustices perpetrated by the leadership of this country, driven by blood lust & $$$. If you think Bradley Manning is a traitor, you’re just another brain washed ape wearing a USA tshirt. Go back to sleep!
  65. Obama recived the Nobel Peace price. Obama, give Your Nobel Peace price to Bradley Manning, he deserve it more than you.
  66. Bradley Manning, we salute your courage and integrity.You are a shining light in this world.Keep strong .You have done more than most, now we must help and support you.You deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.Warmongering, Bush Puppet Obama is not worthy of that honour.I hope you will receive a fair trial.Exposing War Crimes is not a crime.
  67. No piensan que un joven pueda darles una lección de moral y decencia con poco más de 20 años de edad? Que moral hay en una defensa en que no se lo deja expresar las motivaciones que lo llevaron a actuar y todo en nombre de la “seguridad” se hace a “puerta cerrada” Es ridículo pensar que conspirase si comentó con un desconocido lo que estaba haciendo!!! y además actúo solo!!! ¿A que gran “conspiración secreta” podría pertenecer…?Gracias Bradley por tu coraje por permitirme creer que en este mundo existe la decencia, tu actuar no ha sido en vano, los que pertenecemos a países llamados “en vías de desarrollo”, no somos todos “tontos” esperamos otro trato y el mundo ve.
    • Para “My contreras”. El termino “conspiracion” se usa en EUA no solo pra identificar planes grupales con algun proposito ilegal o criminal, el termino aplica al individuo tambien. Si alguien planea un robo, en terminos legales norteamericanos, es culpable de “conspiracion”, si ademas lo ejecuta, sera acusado ademas del ilicito, dependiendo del tipo y caracteristicas. Esta terminologia permite a la ley de EU imputar crimenes acumulativos y aplicar penas equivalentes, que termionan siendo extensas. Para ellos, Brad cometio por tanto una “conspiracion” pues su acto de infiltracion de infomacion fue planeada, con un objetivo que ellos consideran ilegal o pernicioso, con un proposito contrario a su labor como soldado, no por “error” u “omision”. Ademas, dado que el supuesto ilicito lo cometio siendo un soldado, lo que lo convierte en “propiedad del Estado”, lo califican de “traidor”. En eso estriba la dificultad para su defensa. Al relacionarlo con Julian Assange, a manera de “socio” o “complice” los fiscales pretenden acentuar su “crimen”, pues a Assange se le ve, a ojos oficiales, como un “enemigo de E.U.”. Como ves, el caso de este joven valiente es muy dificil, dado el sesgo politico-mediatico que se le esta dando.
  68. Many have spoken against Bradley Manning’s actions, calling him a traitor for leaking “classified” documents to the press…I wonder now if those same people have the same opinion in regard to the leaking of the “classified” Verizon order.
  69. Bradley Manning is a small, unassuming colossus. For doing the great work of exposing the entrails of our war against everyone everywhere, he was nearly flayed alive in his cell, left naked under bright lights, while those he exposed as casual killers are officially celebrated with free tickets to baseball games and unceasing expressions of official gratitude. Bradley is our David who has given Goliath his first hard blow. We should support him however we can.
  70. America, you have a bad reputation! Kissinger has the Nobel Peace Prize! Everyone knows, then you would have this price, also give Jack the Ripper! Do not make it worse! Give your hero’s honor! Elsberg was a hero, and it is also Manning! You will find recognition in the world if you let him go free! You can find scorn, when you judge him! This action will show me, America has also honest and good people. Which may no longer suffer under your policy! You do not know how they are hated all over the world. That you have to stop! You now have an opportunity to do so! Let Manning free, he has acted as an American who loves his country! The you can not condemn, then you condemn yourselves!
  71. I pray for you Bradley, inspires me to stand up for the truth that bit more, why should the ones that reveal the truth be punished when it should be the ones committing the crimes, and anyone obeying the order of a corrupt leader that involves killing innocent people, is obviously just as bad if not worse, time to say no to the leaders who take dictation from the ones hiding, and giving out wrong orders! turning everyone against each other and causing wars, God bless you Bradley
  72. Thank you for all of your efforts! You might consider having a link on your website to the email of the President and the D.O.D., to encourage people to write to these offices. “Drop the charges against Whistleblower Bradley Manning” is a good subject line!
  73. In Europe there would be no trail.They would dismiss the helicopter crew and put them on trial.So Amerika can still learn from us. Hopefully Bradley gets a bravery medal for telling the trues.
  74. First we had a “war on drugs”, then a “war on terror”, and now we seemingly have a “war-on-truth”. To be followed by a “war on thinking” and then a “war on sanity”.
  75. So, Manning is looking down the barrel at being be found guilty of revealing/telling the, “truth”.
    Don’t worry, the next cab off the rank will be Assange, who no doubt will be found guilty of the heinous crime of, being a, “journalist”.
    Then, mission accomplished for the mighty USA, there endeth free speech, and, the freedom of the press.
    Welcome to the brave new world, not.
  76. Whilst all the War criminals are getting “out of jail” free cards,
    all those that tell any (inconvenient) truth’s face a crucifixion.
    America, you are heading into deeper, and deeper moral cesspit.
  77. Specifically who are the prosecutors against Bradley Manning? Under what form of Government are they operating? It sounds like High Treason to make American Citizens POW’S— PRISONERS OF WAR IN AMERICA
    The US Government cannot prosecute a case claiming that information will get to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was being funded by the United States Appropriations Committee. Demand that information from Congress. That information comes from THE EAGLE and his investigators. Al Qaeda was being funded by the USA to keep the Illegal Wars going–to STAY THE COURCE like Adolf Hitler did. The Nuremberg Acts apply and the Nuremberg Trials, as the Case of Precedence, must begin.
    THE EAGLE was a Whistleblower of corruption and the Illegal Wars.
  78. The Us is a signatory to the Nurenberg Accords requiring any person who knows of war crimes and does not speak out to be complicit. Bradly Manning was following his legal mandate.
  79. Hi everybody,
    I have a letter from “COURAGE TO RESIST” together with a writing from Mr. Daniel Elsberg. I can only recomend to read his letter. It explains the whole situation better then I ever could. My contribution is an anthem for Bradley http://youtu.be/gBpo9wB8Z8c
    If you like it please share it.
    Regards Udo
  80. I just responded with a contribution. Only after I returned the form did I read it.
    The corrected form you used made the contribution for $50.
    I meant to make it for $250.
    Now I can’t find your address.
    Please send it.
    • Tax deductible donations to the Bradley Manning Defense Fund payable to: “Courage to Resist / AfGJ”. Please mail checks and money orders to: Bradley Manning Support Network; c/o Courage to Resist; 484 Lake Park Ave #41; Oakland CA 94610; USA. Thank you!
  81. The Founding Fathers must throwing up into their graves !
    No aiding ennemies, but spying plot ? WTF
    Sure, there is no contradiction in these two statements. Yeah, you not a betrayer but you will stay in jail, of curse, why ?
    Puppet trial, shame parody, don’t Enlist, as you are not threatened on your own territory !
    Don’t forget the Braves, someone who speak again injustice, telling the truth, regardless of their own security…
  82. Now that the corrupt U.S.Inc. has tortured, tried, convicted and sentenced Mr.Bradley Manning. It is up to “We the People” to FREE BRADLEY MANNING…!
    Time to take direct action. When the process is illegal,immoral and unethical, civil disobedience is in order.
    The spark that fuels….the long hot American Summer???
    Remember, Remember..the 5th of November. We do not forget, we will not forgive injustice. Expect us……….
  83. His crime was to embarrass Obama. Obama is arrogant and expects people to just give him what he wants. The fact is that he is a terrible arrogant president who keeps us in two ridiculous wars overseas, two more at home (war on terror and war on drugs- neither of which are economically justified), and allows his employees to commit attrocities and then protects them. He does not represent true American values.
  84. My prayers go out to Bradely manning, the media might be against you but there is hope brotha. Many of us can still think for ourselfs and aren’t brainwashed with what “they” want you to think. If anyone knows of anything going on in Seattle can you please contact me. i’m ready for a revolution against this Money hungry corporation we like to call our government. Freedom wont feel so free for long if we don’t take a stand.
  85. A lot of good things already have been said, but ONE thing hurts me quite a bit, and that’s that EVERYONE here (but also at other places) say HE and BRADLEY Manning.
    SHE said herself that she’s a woman in her heart (AKA: she’s transgendered) and wants to be called Chelsey. If you support and respect her, I’d say at least grant her this single wish to be addressed and seen as the sex she truly is.
    Transgenderism is NOT some crazy joke, it really is a curse and not some ‘attention seeker’ shit.
    I believe in and support Chelsey as the woman that she truly is. I ask all of you to do the same!

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