October 22, 2013


Gov Brown listened to you

Jovan Agee, StudentsFirst <admin@studentsfirst.org>
Oct 10 (12 days ago)
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Governor Brown stood up for common sense today. More importantly, he stood up for the students of California.

A few weeks ago, we told you about AB 375, a bill that had been sent by the California Legislature to Governor Brown's desk for his signature. This bill was portrayed as one that would streamline the dismissal process for teachers who should not be in the classroom. In reality, this bill was a disaster.

This bill would have had many unintended consequences, but one of the most egregious would have been to restrict the ability of school districts to collect evidence or amend charges against a teacher accused of inappropriate contact with a student.

This afternoon, Governor Brown vetoed AB 375. In his message, he reiterated what many of you have been telling him by email, letter, fax and phone calls:

"I am particularly concerned that limiting the number of depositions to five per side, regardless of the circumstances, and restricting a district's ability to amend charges even if new evidence comes to light, may do more harm than good."

As a parent with kids in the public school system, thank you for speaking up for the kids of California.

Most respectfully,


Jovan Agee
California State Director

P.S. You can learn more about AB 375 and many groups who joined us in opposing the bill here, and read our statement on the veto here.

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