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Securing Justice - September/October 2013

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a Bulletin from ADL's Civil Rights DivisionOctober 2013
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DL Sponsors Program at Facebook on Free Speech and CyberhateADL Sponsors Program at Facebook on Free Speech and Cyberhate
ADL sponsored a program at Facebook called "Free Speech, Civility and the Challenge of Cyberhate" on October 2. The program featured ADL Civil Rights Chair Chris Wolf as a panelist and Civil Rights Director Deborah Lauter as the moderator. The other panelists were Susan Benesch, a Faculty Associate at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society and Monika Bickert, Global Policy Manager at Facebook. Watch the program.
ADL Cyber-Safety Action Guide: A unique resource allowing Internet users to register concerns without having to face the daunting task of navigating a website’s maze of links.
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Countering Iranian Anti-Semitism Online
A day after the anti-Semitic Iranian news channel Press TV began live streaming its content on YouTube, ADL con­tacted YouTube to inform them that their services were being used by Iran to broadcast anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and that such content may violate their terms of service. We also noted that providing such communication services may be viewed as violating the Iran Sanctions Act and that users may encounter difficulty when attempting to flag such materials in streaming videos. Following ADL’s actions, YouTube disabled the Press TV’s ability to live stream their content.

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