October 22, 2013

OCTOBER 19, 2013

Hi. This is Sylvia Lydia Morelos. I haven't spoken to you in a while and I am wondering how you are doing? I hope that you and your wife and kids are fine. I remember you telling me that Hillary is recently married...I hope that she is well too and for her newborn I wish them the best. I am wondering...do you anything about how to handle people who won't leave you alone....i'm encountering problems with cults...(Jehova Witnesses in my case) and they have the tendency to follow people who don't agree with them and are outspoken. I am labeled a nuisance with an attitude problem because I am a strong woman who voices my opinion and speaks out against them. I don't mince words (and they are not fighting words, i.e. i don't try to incite....) Anyway they become violent and agressive (i.e. I almost fell down the stairs at a shelter at 201 8th street, san francisco, ca 94103, The Sanctuary today as i finished washing clothes. They want to instigate and threaten me because i am "decent" and i make them feel "uncomfortable." They keep trying to blame the Episcopal church and I know that they are not involved. I haven't had any sleep for 5 months (remember when I was there I was having problems getting back on my feet and you were kind enough to give me information on referrals and contacts? Well, I am at a shelter, by GLIDE (they try to implicate Glide as well and it is NOT involved); I am sexually harassed a lot, to get me out of places that offer services for females "like me." Anyway, i think you know that I am and was never prone to violence or problems or trouble making as i was interested in getting back on my feet so my resources are important to me. I have had several things stolen from me including, ALL of my identification, I.D., EBT card, social security card, CLOTHING, and TB test card result for housing...etc. I STILL haven't managed to get my glasses because of the stress GREAT duress that I have been under in trying to replace them. And I found housing that I am *grateful* for (90 day shelter at the Sanctuary). I am in no way interested in losing my shelter, hygiene (showers), food, 2 meals a day, and phone and mail there. So i don't look for trouble. As a result, i have been getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep a day, I am eating better, my weight is back to normal and I am taking interests in classes at the main library on Larkin street, 101 larking. I am happier and more content than I have ever been. Unfortunately I am encountering criminal types of women at the shelter who are trying to instigate to get me out of there because of stuff they usually do there (I don't want to get into it) and they want to blame the Episcopal church that is associated with it. I am not against THAT church in particular, but they won't leave me alone. They try to instigate so that I can retaliate and get kicked out, they STEAL from me, they BLAME OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE, and I don't mince words nor defend criminals. I was warned by a female at Glide before I went to the Sanctuary that there are many there who are ex-convicts and criminals and I am not like that and they have the tendency to give people like me trouble. She told me this herself. But I cannot give up shelter, sleept, etc. I am on bunk # 29 and i have encountered a LOT of problems with these types and with other services for the homeless. I feel discriminated against for being a NON criminal and EDUCATED as i have also been told that i don't "need' "their" shelter and to "get the fuck out!." I almost fell and I was threatened with physical harm to get sent to the hospital and i had some bruises on my right leg. I also encountered sexual harassment from bunk #75 and from #74