January 05, 2016

Part 2: This is for the general public. Sylvia Lydia Morelos, 01/06/16...2:09 p.m.

01/06/16...2:09 p.m.

Distractions. Stay in the present *at all times. Pay attention to your immediate surroundings. Keep it real. Make sure that you have all of your pertinent documents on you, iff applicable: id, social security card, credit cards, money, etc. Extremists/Terrorists/Sex offenders/Criminals in general ( ~) will usually look for vulnerabilities through *distractions. They are desperate, some of them.

note: they oftentimes wear a BOTOX attitude. It's on 24 hrs/day, *en masse. Please be observant. You learn a lot. They are violent when they don't get their way, so please stay away from them when they are in the immediate vicinity.

FREE WIFI: customers who are using free wifi, please be weary of the following businesses: STARBUCKS, FED EX, HAPPY DONUTS (san francisco, off of taylor and ellis, 94102). They also have unscrupulous folk in other places, i.e. the library downtown, Larkin Library, 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Remote administrator: i.e. scrolls down the screen, etc. Everyone who owns a computer/labtop *knows what a remote admin does, correct? Welp, the downtown library admin (remote) has interfered with, for example, my posts online, feds, etc. Now, that is obviously a no-no, i.e. it interferes with the integrity of the posts (i.e. deletion of accurate info, etc.) They can also print out, and have possibly printed out my posts online if they have it on screen.

So, please weed these types of workers out accordingly. You will find the person responsible for them in *your hiring department, Human Resources, more than likely, a Jehovah Witness, who doesn't, incidentally, believe in government. Separation of church and state, I've "said" in the past, to no avail. Retort?: "We believe in anarchy, Sylvia, not *your government.'' Then they used their technology (which is illegal) to break and enter (yes, it is definitely BREAKING AND ENTERING) into a courthouse in Santa Monica (i.e. I am referring to STEP-UP on second street in santa monica. Yes, they coddle criminals.

Note: I just recently noticed a starbucks on a hill, across the street from a major hotel. That hotel reminds me of OPELEUSAS...anyone seen the wall in OPELEUSAS with the big mustache holding on to their scales of justice? Then there is the burger king hat, 70504, that the burger king kids wear. The one that I found in Lafayette, La 70504, has a mustache on it. That is safe place (exploitation of children ring-ers of, BURGER KING ARMSTRONG, i called him, remember? IS HE *STILL IN ZEE BUILDING?" fyi.

I found a starbucks here, in the tenderloin, the hotel it across the street, and it say one-step, I believe, the taxis gave me a difficult time that morning. A couple of small trucks passed by not too long after that. FYI.

please feel free to use www.instantstreetview.com

You can use 2 cross streets, or the address itself. If it doesn't pan out, for example, there is a mural on BURR AND CANAL(houston, texas, 77002, or 77003, on the way to the STANAKER library, little el salvador is there, salvadorean gangs; fyi.) of the *real Isela Jimenez...the cameras show a different mural, let the proper authorities know, satellite cameras.

When the public questions government, etc. and government corruption, you get answers. Be persistent, no violence. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. IT ALWAYS WILL BE.


"Remember, Nazi Germany was legal." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (whose birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks).

W regards to torture:

it's real, please inform the feds. Say something about the technology that is used. Stay calm and keep to the facts. Via illegal technology (send them postings online, walk into an office. Keep it private, so as to protect your privacy, safety and your rights.) Those types of serious offenses are federal offenses.


I tend to expose them via social media, free. Blogger and simplesite.com also free.
You can connect your twitter account to your facebook account: i.e. go to your settings tab in facebook, go to "follower", click on followers, look at options, connecting to twitter is one option that you have. fyi. When you post on FACEBOOK , it will post onto twitter. Keep trying; it takes practice

i.e. SHARE tab:
     -go to the second option, you can cut and past (control C, copy, *highlight the entire section first, start at the top, click, highlight), control v, to past it. Practice makes perfect.
     -you can control v (paste it) onto the second option and it will post onto twitter. You will see it as a link to facebook, fyi.

Other resources:

 *I just bought another acer (white) laptop for $169 at TARGET. I bought it the first time for $199. It does everything that I need it to do. Not too much memory. But i figure that you can use a USB drive for the rest.

So...Discipline with you basics: FOOD, HYGIENE, SHELTER, and Medications if and when applicable. MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND SPIRITUAL check ups. It's for your own good (*snicker, snicker, *wink. :)  )

Finally, always slow down when things get tough, i.e. stress, etc (note: according t the Huffington Post, good stress relievers (back in 2012), scrambled eggs, oatmeal and nuts (any kind). Take a breather, a 15 minute break, walk into an Air Conditoned room, or look at a blank wall or stare up at the sky, it will clear your thoughts. *BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. YOU MATTER. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

If I didn't know this and practice what I believe in (i.e. all of the aforementioned), I wouldn't be fair.

Never let people get the best of you. These are sadists, they practice S & M. (sado-masochism). They like to inflict pain and like to receive it. hence their devil/satan worshippers.


Please report them, do not get involved with them. Should you have the misfortune of encountering them, please don't be alone. CONFRONTATIONS don't help the situation any. They believe that violence is power and therefore they get a kick out of it. Remember: they are th VP in the military violence is power, i.e. they also do NOT believe in  government, and their sense of entitlement, their fundamentalism and mysoginy is *real. They are therefore antisocial. And they don't give a fuck. "We can be in the world, but not be of the world." Verbatim. They use people otherwise. See video below:


Jody Watley - Friends ft. Eric B. & Rakim


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