January 26, 2016

homicidal santa monica cops, their snitches whores in sta monica, black, 01/26/16...7:18 p.m. I am at 1001 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, The Next Door Shelter, Geary and Polk. I am in the basement B level, still getting threats, including harassment (sexual, gang ups;they think that I am claustrophobic too fyi), Yoland Carter wants to make a COMEBACK so does Tina Baker, 2438 K Street, TINA BAKER BOARD AND CARE, LICENSING NEEDS TO TAKE HER HOUSE FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and HATE CRIMES. HER DAUGHTERS commit them too; PROOF: they were both stalking me at OPCC, 503 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, ca. 90401. Retaliation is a crime. They're still doing it because I don't "keep my mouth shut."

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