January 29, 2016

01/29/16...10:21 a.m. San Francisco Police Department, REPORTEE FOLLOW-UP, Sylvia Lydia Morelos. When Filing a Police Report (Incident Report Number)

San Francisco Police Department


Case Number:

Case numbers are assigned to an investigator based on facts obtained during the initial investigation.

Company A   (Central)   315-2400
Company B   (Southern) 575-6000
Company C   (Bayview) 671-2300
Company D   (Mission)  558-5400
Company E   (Northern) 614-3400
Company F   (Park)        242-3000
Company G  (Richmond) 666-8000
Company H  (Ingleside)  404-4000
Company I    (Taraval)    759-3100
Company J    (Tenderloin)  345-7300

Please contact the investigation unit checked above to provide additional information not available during initial police report.

Information such as:

*Serial numbers of lost or stolen items
*Video evidence of the incident
*Name(s) of possible witness(es) or suspect(s)

Officer's Name and Star No.     SFPD105 (rev. 03/15)

(on the back of the REPORTEE FOLLOW-UP)

To obtain a copy of your Police report:

You or your insurance company can request a copy of your report.
The request should be submitted SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS AFTER
the officer takes the  report.
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