January 24, 2016

01/24/16...KIRSTIN DUNST AND MARK WALHBERG are INVOLVED IN SEX OFFENSES. I am on the 4th flloor, 1001 Polk Street, San Francisco, Ca 94109, The Next Door Shelter, Sylvia Lydia Morelos (*REAGAN)

01/24/16...6:47 p.m. KIRSTIN DUNST AND MARK WALHBERG ARE INVOLVED IN SEX OFFENSES! THEY ARE ON TV..."BABE"...they have snitches in San Francisco, and at St. Anthony's. I am at 1001 Polk Street, San Francisco, Ca 94109. Next Door Shelter, off of Geary and Polk Street. 94109. 911. FYI. Please share

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