January 17, 2016

01/17/16..10:09 a.m. Ya Vienen las Abejas...Sylvia Lydia Morelos


ya vienen las abejas.

I thought I was bothered by those bees in sacramento last year.

they are wearing bee hive jackets. tina reith wore one *without sleeves, when she was 15 years old. I was 25. they had no sleeves. There were two women who tried to donate a sleeveless jacket and socks (expensive) to me in 2013, fall at the church, in San Francisco, CA across the street from the Tenderloin Technology Lab, 150 Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA 94102. They tried to "infilitrate", the church back then. The Catholics weeded them out (as volunteers), the bastards came BACK!

We're talking this church here IN SAN FRANCISCO ONLY. fyi The sacramento one is different. NSA territory (Feinstein). They are trying to infiltrate the LUTHERANS too. The Lutherans in san diego and in westwood are friendly, including gay-friendly. The sacramento one isnt't. Off of leavensworth and goldengate, red building is salvation army; they have a flame, depicted on the LUTHERANS/LUTHERAN CHURCH.


This is the mode I'm in. Glad to be of service.

Love, Sylvia Lydia Morelos
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