October 23, 2015


10/23/14...3:04 P.M.

When I was in San Francisco in 2013, I read the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the minor papers there (local), and The Wall Street Journal. I highly encourage people to read your local papers, the aforementioned ones are a couple of the best, the San Francisco Gate included. You can access *free newspapers at your local library, like the Larkin Library or the Sacramento Library, both downtown. The periodical section of these libraries: free newspapers, daily, local and national, international as well.Scholastic journals, artistic journals, scientific journals, art journals, history (magazines), etc (in the periodical section of the library.) I had to deal with politic sometimes, i.e. perps putting the daily paper in the RETURN section of the library's periodical section so that I wouldn't find it. They also have MICROFICHE a the Sacramento library, 8th and J Street, 95814.

I encourage people to utilize these resources. Beginning January of 2013 through December 2013, The San Francisco Chronicle, the LA TIMES, in particular. I was reading captions (photographs) relating to the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION and "ACT" ivists (Occupy)--OCCUPY is actually a bunch of communists occupying homeless resources and other resources they don't deserve while weeding out the good guys; they are usually pro Julian Assange, Snowden, Communism, Stalin, Nazis Germany, and pro-GANGS, pro-ILLEGALS and pro-SEX OFFENDERS, and pro CHEAP LABOR, and homicidal against ALL REPUBLICANS (a party that makes up at LEAST half of the population of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA). Our current census bureau states: 320,000,000 (according to the United States Department of Commerce at https://www.commerce.gov/about/bureaus-and-offices. (Question: Did you know that there is 1 baby born every 18 seconds IN the United States according to the US Department of Commerce? No? aight.)

...The Wall Street Journal is also another reputable paper, fall 2013. Fall 2014 I found the following quotes/captions in the Wall Street Journal: "We will not bow down to a few hoodlums." "6 Million Illegals Detained [in the United States]", I believe the 6 Mill were mocking 6 Million Jews (HOLOCAUST). "10 Million Americans..." data theft, via NSA illegal surveillance. I'm not the only one who has undergone identity theft, via this means, including, but not limited to theft of bank account directly from a different ATM, (COMPASS in houston) by a gang member (female). THEFT OF PRIVACY "I have a right to be secure in my personal effects, papers [ mind, person, body, home]" etc. The 4th Amendment needs to be amended to included the aforementioned. fyi.

Please utilize your resources at the public library. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. NO *BRAIN, NO GAIN. *Free. (The mental work and foot work are not FREE of course, it takes INITIATIVE to empower yourself. ) COMPLACENCY kills. Don't fry your brain, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop." GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM ROCKS!

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