June 24, 2015

911. This message is for the general public. Sylvia Lydia Morelos, 06/23/15...2:37 p.m.

06/23/15.Just Dance 4 -On The Floor - 5* Stars https://youtu.be/JMKeAfBaaNo via @YouTube,  911. http://tl.gd/n_1smqj9g via @sylviamor1974

This is what they did to Jennifer Lopez (the white supremists) Rand Paul and Ron Paul, Raul Payan Lomeli included, Meg Ryan included.


Yolanda Carter (via technology) singled out Jose Antonio Morelos, dob 06 06 75, as one of the deputy sheriffs murderers (sacrmamento, ca. car michael. ) Raul Payan Lomeli, dob 08 12 73 and Bono (David Paul Hewson), dob 05 10 60? were also singled out. 911

extreme suspicious activity gang violence included at this library, the security guard ANNETTE is instigating it. THe other staff member (she looks like Veronica Quinn at the front desk included. The perpetrators are walking in and out of the library. Homicidal. 911) gang rape implied in the past. 911

Annette has passed off as DHS. impersonating a federal officer is a federal offense. I do have a witness who told me that she is spreading slander "she is mental" about me, DEFAMATION of character. Persons of interest, guilty by association, enemies of the state, new ones included.

highly advise NO TOLERANCE. Rene Isaac Rubio, is also still involved. His daughter Isabella Rubio and her younger sister and their mother are involved. Not the newer girlfriend. They need to be isolated and maimed. ANNETTE the general cheap labor contractor security guard is encouraging their behavior.

the staff is encouraging a bully culture. it is illegal. \
they are still crimes against humanity and they are alsom still part of the same gang that gang raped my disabled brother jessie.


I need help against stalkers. these bastards won't stop following me around.

they need $$$. they're bank accounts should be frozen if necessary. they won't be able to do anything, maiming them is recommending them.

they need to be isolated. anyone helping them out is game. they are looking for identity theft and $$$ to leave, property, cars. etc.

they use others in their own interest.

they need to be maimemd. anything that facilitates their crimes needs to be cut off completely. monitoring their calls, etc. they need to know that.

at will employment. 0 tolerance. 0
I ask that you please continue to put them under surveillance the first time they attack me. intimidation included. they are criminals. they feel entitled. they make demands as though they weren't criminals. online illegal surveillance staff involved.

it's a matter of national security. they need to see it in real time. they won't be tolerated. i still don't trust the entire cop/sheriff population 100% . the security guards are Parkers (Annise), i.e. ANNETTE here at the library and the others. staff included,. they have a predictable track record. they need to see it for real. The death penalty (CNN) helped a lot. These bastards need a REALITY CHECK.

I'm not much of an abuser of power. but they're really pissing me off. I am sick of it. I need your support OUTWARDLY in real time.

THEY NEED TO SEE IT. Their words "we hafta see it ta believe it." So be it.


They hate me because I am a good person and a law abiding citizen. I'm calling them on it accordingly.

fyi: santa monica (cops, latham's included), transtition projects, 97204 = stella maris, i can tell by the id, I was up there in multnomah county, TWICE; and san diego, especilly community research foundation is still here. How stupid these people are. THEREFORE VIOLENT. i need help real time, credible threats. Anyone who is not straightforward should not approach me. abuse in not legal.

*i'e never hidden who or what I am or represent. I deal with them cold turkey every day, I've been doing it for years.

911 cyberhacking. freezing of screen so that I don't contact you;. There is a female, black, sitting on computer 28, logged in at 2:32 p.m. interfering. obtruction of justice, treason = death penalty, 911

matter of life and death, matter of national security. these people are dangerous they need to be treated accordingly.


Sylvia Lydia Morelos
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