May 14, 2015

911...GRID IN TERRORISM ON THE SCREEN INSIDE OF CVS...GO DOWNSTAIRS, you will see it. YES< it is open to the public. the tunnels lead to other govt offices through underground., MY take? they are learning to keep their mouths shut, i.e. 1 out of the office, i.e. sheriffs, post office, etc. No snitches which is how theyare getting away with it. Sylvia Lydia Morelos, 6:14 pm, 05/14/15...

911 examples,
WORLD MARKET, 4th and J, 92101, SAN DIEGO.
@chrisguillebeau and (old one)
WORLD MARKET, Westwood AND SANTA MONICA,90024, I found two of them. TECHNICALLY I SHOULD BE DEAD. found mine for 4.95$ at world market, 4th and j, 92101, live love laugh journals....PO ucla id is 200 878 XXX.
THe orozcos at 626 333 6262 have been helping them out all of these years. So has Jose Antonio Morelos, dob 06 06 75, Rene Isaac Rubio dob 05 02 83 and his three bitches/ gang known as terrorists, Isabella is one of them. 911 fyi.
What is going on in YOUR family, snicker snicker.
They also killed off my fetus at 7 weeks in 2009. William Jackie Rhodes, dob 07 01 54, is involved, as is Nancy Derthick and hers, 1122 Lochbrae Road, Sacramento, CA 95815.
Austin Kleon
BOno and U2
GIna Ruby Gonzalez, Salvation Army, Craig A. Latham and all his, ANNISE PARKER MAYOR OF HOUSTON, RAULY PAYAN LOMELI, dob 08 12 73, and his brothers, FRANCISCO "paco" orozco and his family and brother Enrique "quique", Antonio (my grandmother Ernestina Orozco, dob 08 14 28, whom I suspect he also raped which is why she married my grandfather who was ITALIAN 100%, fyi: she was not racist and not anti Mexican). Also, his guera literally golden hair wife, paco's mother, and of cource ALEJANDRO orozco, ingeniero, ugh, who looks exactly like DON YANSENNS looked like when DON was in his late 20s. DON, sex offender and enemy of the state, has a picture on their, NANCY's wall of himself when he was young. so does nancy of herself as a young 'nurse practitioner.' she looks like HITLER. SHe could be related to hitler.
Jehovah witnesses= OPCC = OBAMA ADMIN, the CLINTONS, DICK CHENEY (jw in PORTLAND, or = anonymous = ali hewson = bono and u2, = electric avenue, lyrics too).
you know the rest. 911
credible gang rape threats+ they have threatened the patriots (billboard) i.e. FEDEX, chris guillebeau, 2123 fenton, san diego mission valley at the plaze fed ex. he has a CROSS on them like they all do the Mexicans, Jews and blacks/African Americans.
as of late they also want to kill of mixed breeds like myself; dark whites, Mexican Italians and Black Italians. You will find the proof that someone exposed to the world downtown.  it was supposed to be me via Salvation army, 911. fyi.
pac man black and yellow. You're supposed to expose it and cut it down to size. Someone else saw what I saw in CA here in TEXAS. YAY! fyi.
that's why they went under, CVS, 917 Main Street, 77003. caught them against Mexican women, Italian, like myself. in black and white. annise parker is pissed off about her black and white pics hrm?
BOUDIN = Jonathan David Forde, Boston Bomber. 911
Sylvia Lydia Morelso
I am leaving 110 Milby Street, 77003. THese perps next to me just caught close. they deserve the death penalty for conspiracy to murder/gang rape, and the death penalty is LEGAL in texas.
ie. CHARLES MANSON IS A LIFER. he was NEVER AT THE CRIME SCENES. AND he wasn't a terrorist.
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