May 28, 2015


05/28/15...3:00 p.m.
*I bought dog food and cat food and dog toys and cat toys.
*I put a towel over a deliberate broken fish tank (the glass was broken into the tank deliberately; I just noticed it, and the lights to both top tanks and the smaller tank next to the doorway of the kitchen was deliberately turned off.) I turned the fish tank lights back on.
My finger prints are NOT on the broken glass tank.

There's a lot going on here. I have found an oversized vanity mirror in the second drawer of the cabinet in the bathroom, a red one (two-sided). My grandmother, Ernestina Orozco, dob 08 14 28, from Jalisco, Mexico, used to have one when I lived with her for 4 years from 14 to 18 years of age, before I took off to college (UCLA) in 1992.
I found a black and red checked zip up back that my grandmother used to use for her belongings at her OWN home in a middle class neighborhood, not her nuclear brother's home, in Torreon, Coahuila, the one with the market. She actually built and owned her OWN home, (I visited twice, AND I went to her home when I was 14 and 15 years old, two years in a row. We took the bus through new mexico (snow) through northern mexico into Torreon, the first year. The second year *I took Aeromexico alone, and I only used my birth certificate and they met me at the Airport. Their dog is named OZO.
My grandmother had been sending money that she earned (working LEGALLY as a SEAMSTRESS in the garment industry of downtown los angeles, near where we used to live at 448 1/8 E. 20th street, 90011 to her *younger nuclear brother for over 2 decades. She took time. "it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger" she told me in Spanish once, and she had to be there herself to oversee it with the Albaniles, the workers. One of the times that I went there, she had rented the bottom part, and I was with her on the second floor, where she had her belongings. I went down the stairs to her back yard, and there was a tree.
It hadn't been finished yet but she had the bottom part rented. THEY LIED, her brother's family. ALL OF THEM. her nuclear brother's family only. They are TERRORISTS now.
And they hate me, Thank God.
I believe her brother may have raped her too. I also believe that she married an Italian man (my grandfather) for a reason. But she was NOT racist.
She taught me a lot. I asked her one time why she hadn't ever remarried again. The only thing she said was "I don't want my daughters getting hurt by any other man."
She remained single. She did it for her daughters. She was honest, hardworking and ethical. She was strong and vocal and she did NOT like gossips. She didn't even like practical jokes. She taught me a strong work ethic and responsibility and she vocally let me know that she trusted me because I "always came back home when I said I would, I always called her to let her know where I was." And she once advised me to always have $20 on me in case of an emergency. I was working legally (I obtained a work permit at Los Angeles High School, LEGALLY) since I was 15; I worked at an elementary school in the nurse's office near Rimpau and Olympic, during the summer. Then I worked at a movie theatre, the Beverly Connection, across the street from the Beverly Center, on 3rd an La Cienega, WHILE I was in high school, WHILE I was taking college prep courses, WHILE I was president of the multicultural club AND the Latino clubs, and other extracurricular activities (i.e. I was in the pep club, similar to the cheerleaders on the bleachers; THESE ARE FACTS THAT CAN BE PROVEN VIA OUR YEARBOOK, CLASS OF 1992 alone; I was in several clubs. I also was accepted into 4 other schools, not just UCLA. I was a first generation college student. I went to college directly out of high school. I don't regret college. I finally graduated in 2003. Political targeting from the godforsaken left and illegals (Raul Payan Lomeli, 08 12 73, from Nayarit, Mexico) interfere. I ACTUALLY EARNED MY DEGREE, BA in Latin American Studies (akin to POLITICAL SCIENCE, etc.) I am also a part of the UCLA Alumni Association.
I graduated in SPITE of them, "not to spite you" (snicker, snicker) I said to them, "THAT WOULD BE GIVING YO(U) TOO MUCH POWER."
"Imagine the possibilities", I said to myself, "when I sleep 8 hours a day, for 3 weeks + and eat 3 meals a day" I THRIVE.
Now, the crimes against humanity have been brutal. My brother Jessie was just like me EXCEPT, he ACTUALLY HAD A DISABILITY *TOURETTES SYNDROME". I'm his oldest sister, he looked up to me "FOR REAL." The noblest person I knew. Still. He took initiative and did things on his own, and ON HIS OWN, he did NOT like the ghetto, for good reason. He thought they were filth. HE's right. He was gang raped and murdered.
Now they're holding my nephew hostage. And I only found out that he was my nephew AFTER I left sacramento, That is evil.
and they want me to run around with my head cut off, I know they will take off in the opposite direction if I got there. Just like they gave Jessie the run around. I stay grounded for a reason.
Jessie was also forced off his medication, systematically raped and tortured, behavioral health san diego, TINA BAKER, 2438 k street, 92102 was the ONLY person who had his emergency contact info. I NEVER give or gave it out to anyone. EVIL lady.
They deserve the death penalty. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT. PATIENCE IN AFFLICTION ON MY PART IS AND UNDERSTATEMENT. "You're being afflicted, Sylvia" mocked Ana Ayala time and again.
Sylvia Lydia Morelos
Please note: Frederick J Paul mocked Jessie, made reference (via technology) that he forced him out of a house to devastate him; nancy derthick did the same thing, and I was made to believe that possibly tina white, the landlord who gave me an illegal 30 day notice and kept my disability deposit. RENE ISAAC RUBIO, dob 05 02 83 was Jessie's payee in Long Beach, Jessie trusted him. Yes, Rene and his three women, i.e ISABELLA her sister and their mom, WOULD take advantage of him, his money, 911 dispatch he was in long beach too, and yes he WOULD throw him out on his butt if her complained and he probably did.
Jose Antonio Morelos  dob 06 06 75 is no better. Gina Ruby Gonzalez led the gang rape, more than one, Many ethical witnesses told me afterwards in Culver City, santa monica, ca and at UCLA.
I am holding the OBAMA Administration also responsible, DICK CHENEY AND HIS TEA PARTY CRONIES INCLUDED in the other administration.
I am a conservative (libertarian, pro republican bush and Reagan conservatives). I am not partial to criminals.
Sylvia Lydia Morelos
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