April 05, 2015

04/05/15...Information pertinent to Jose A. Morelos, dob 06 06 75, he was born in Culver City and his friends are probably in PALMS, off of the 12 line (blue line). They are angry that I reported the DAILY BREEZE, imperial counties included. They also don't like the LA TIMES. FYI. SYLVIA LYDIA M

04/05/15...5:49 a.m. 911. FYI. Now that I am more 

COHERENT, here is the following info: Jose A. Morelos is

NO GOOD. He is a anti-American, communist,

Republican (he is a staunch Conspiracy Theorist...he 

believes that there is a right wing Republican conspiracy. 

He can't even spell Republican without STUTTERING. He is

also dumb. Ignorant. and very corrupt. He has always been

 belligerent, selfish and lazy. A mama's boy. ALways

 bitching about how his mother never taught him how to

 support himself and milked her time and again. She was a

 single parent, great mom, and wonderfully talented. He 

refers to her as a BITCH, just the way he does with me. 

There is a reason that I don't want him near me. Final 

warning. He pretended to be deceased. It is the second 

he does that. I'm angry about it, but I am geting better. I 

think he may be involved in the distruction of my glasses. I 

don't have them because they are unusable. They literally 

cut throught the ear handles. 911. Stay away from satan 

worshipping Jose A. Morelos, dob 06 06 75. I haven't seen 

him in 15 years,when he paged me 911 while I was at UCLA

 to let me know how "sick" he was because my mom was 

telling him to kill himself, or she wouldn't "cross over."
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