March 26, 2015

03/26/15...6:34 p.m. To the community at large...Sylvia Lydia Morelos

03/26/15...6:03 p.m. 911 There was a cigarette (white, I don't know what brand it is) behind the monitor of the PUB02 computer at 6:04 p.m.. I did not see who was sitting here before I was. Suspicious activity. Fingerprints should be on it. I let the staff up at the front desk know. "Must be the color of my skin", I don't know, I said to her. She picked it up with a paper towel. note: 911 JAMES ZELERABACH, note: the perp on PUB01 at 6:06 is illegally monitoring my online activity. 911. JAMES ZELERABACH, 7TH DAY ADVENTIST (FORMER?), IS DANGEROUS AND IS A FATAL ATTRACTION/STALKER. FORMER BOYFRIEND WHEN I WAS 20 YEARS OLD, A SOPHOMORE IN COLLEGE. HE MET ISELA JIMENEZ AND HER FRIENDS FROM NORTHRIDGE, INCLUDING SANDRA ? THEY ARE CLASS OF 1995, CHICANO STUDIES. JOSE M. BAROCIO IS A PART OF THEIR MILITANCY. AS IS EVANGELINA ARVIZU, CLASS OF 1992, LOS ANGELES HIGH SCHOOL, UC IRVINE GRAD OF 1996, BECAME LAUSD TEACHER FOR A WHILE. MARRIED TO HER HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART, EDGAR VILLASAN, CLASS OF 1992 LAHS, WENT UC IRVINE AS WELL AND WAS A TA AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHE TAUGHT AT. THESE ARE THE FACTS. JAMES ZELERBACH, DOB 07 30 71, FROM SAN PEDRO, MOM IS LEONORA, AND HE IS SPANISH, MEXICAN, AND GERMAN. REFERRED TO HIMSELF AS A MUTT. WAS A NON PRACTICING 7TH DAY ADVENTIST AT THE TIME. HAS A YOUNGER BROTHER. HIS GRANDMOTHER HAD PASSED AWAY A LITTLE AFTER WE BROKE UP IN 1995, AROUND MARCH/APRIL, 1995; I MET HIM AT FLORENTINE GARDENS WITH PETRINA BONNIC. I WAS 20 YEARS OLD AND SHE WAS WITH ME AT THE TIME. HE WAS THERE WITH HIS FRIENDS FROM SAN PEDRO AND ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO DANCE. GRADUATED FROM NYU IN 1994, AND I MET HIM IN DECEMBER OF THAT YEAR. BROKE UP WITH HIM AFTER THAT. LEFT SCHOOL IN 1995, ~APRIL 1995. THEN CAME BACK. DROVE A TOYOTA COROLA, BLACK, WITH CUSTOMIZED LICENSE PLATES, "JIMMYZ" (WITHOUT THE QUOTATION MARKS.) NOT THE "ROSES AND CHOCOLATE KIND OF GUY." HAS MY BOOK FROM JUNIOR HIGH (BOOK OF POEMS) AND A FEW CARDS "WHEN THEY MADE YOU THEY BROKE THE MOLD", I SENT TO HIM. I WAS 20. I ALSO GAVE HIM A BIG BUNNY WITH GLASSES AND BIG TEETH. I SENT THEM OFF IN SEPARATE BOXES, I DON'T REMEMBER HIS ADDRESS. I BOUGHT THE STUFF AT THE AAHS. IT USED TO BE ACROSS THE STREET FROM BANK OF AMERICA ATM, WHERE THE CONTEMPO CASUALS USED TO BE IN WESTWOOD. HE USED TO HAVE LONGER HAIR IN A PONY TAIL, THICK. I GOT OVER HIM WHEN I WAS ~24. I DATED BEFORE THEN. I HAVEN'T THOUGHT ABOUT HIM IN THAT WAY SINCE. LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR. I BUMPED INTO HIM AT A CLUB DOWNTOWN ON MY BIRTHDAY WHEN I TURNED 21. HE OBVIOUSLY REMEMBERED MY BIRTHDAY, AS I WENT OUT WITH A FEW GIRLS, I DON'T REMEMBER WHO, AND I ASKED HIM TO DANCE, WHEN HE WAS SURROUNDED BY HIS FRIENDS. HE NO LONGER WORE BRACES, I POINTED TO THAT FACT. HIS HAIR WAS SHORT. HE TOLD ME THAT HE HAD TO CUT IT TO WORK FOR THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. HE ALSO WENT BACK TO HIS FRIENDS. I LATER LEFT AND TOLD HIM SO WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE, I STILL HAD HIS SWEATER AT HOME (HE LEFT IT THERE DELIBERATELY, TO PICK IT UP LATER?),,,I TOLD HIM SO, HE SAID "I WILL PICK IT UP LATER", THEN I LEFT THE CLUB. I ENDED UP ANXIOUS, SO I PACKED UP HIS SWEATER AND SENT IT TO HIM IN BOX. AT THE TIME I THOUGHT I PUT MY FOOT IN MY MOUTH. LATER I REALIZED I DIDN'T; HE HAS A REPUTATION IN MANHATTAN. I'M NOT INTO HIM AT ALL ANYMORE. FYI. FATAL ATTRACTION IF HE IS INVOLVED IN THIS BY SAYING THAT I AM HIS OR WHATEVER BEHIND MY BACK. NOTE: HE GOES BY jimzel on twitter. I tried to look him up once or twice. someone (female) got ugly online. I ended up blocking his account. I didn't look back. He has a red little car with a white top as a toy picture. fyi. James Zelerabach is dangerous. Raul Payan Lomeli, dob 08/12/73 is the one who contacted all these perps with whom I did not get along. Jimmy is one of them. Political targeting from the goddamn left. Petrina Bonnic and James Zelerabach and all of the aforementioned are involved. You know, it would have been easier if someone would have asked me a question or few. Just because I'm not a person of interest, does NOT mean the information that I have isn't pertinent. The targeting against me and mine has been BRUTAL. Raul Payan Lomeli and Kevin Terraciano (UCLA)are the culprits. fyi, I am exhausted. Getting my civil rights met everyday is like pulling teeth. I don't have a roof over my head because of these punks. ADA 2013. hello? I need to be called in. To give info. THis is ridiculous. FYI. Sylvia Lydia Morelos You' me along the lines of wheresabouts either in Westwood, West Los Angeles, or Santa Monica, at or around OPCC. I'm staying in Westwood tonight. They are threatening that I won't make it out of my Storage facility at 1901 Sepulveda, you have the address. They keep turning off the code on me, illegally. They are also threatening that I won't make it back to my court date in sta monica to take care of my $600 ticket. Stupid people and their assumptions with regards to my ticket, I'm telling ya. Think they can pull an entrapment on me. What are ya gonna do (in san Francisco), I told me. Extradite my ass back to sta monica for a then $200+ ticket that'd gone into collections. They want to see me in jail, is what I'm saying. Fabricating evidence, obstruction of justice, entrapment via violence on their part, that's why they keep calling me names, sexually harassing me, hitting me, staff at OPCC included. BULLY culture included. *wink. 911 911 911 Sylvia Lydia Morelos Sylvia 911 These perps deserve the death penalty. I ask for this if anything else happens to me and mine. It's not right and it's gone on long enough. accessory and conspiracy to the aforementioned crimes should warrant the death penalty. ACCESSORIES to included. 911 911 911 Sylvia Lydia Morelos *STALKING* INCLUDED. Sylvia 911
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