March 13, 2015

03/13/15.....3:29 p.m. criminals and other like terrorists/extremists and the media (television), sex offenders included, *NEED NOT APPLY. 911 , Sylvia Lydia Morelos

03/13/15.....3:29 p.m. criminals and other like terrorists/extremists and the media (television), sex offenders included, *NEED NOT APPLY. 911 p.m. note: Highly advisable: I will be able to spot extremism on campus. UCLA is my alma mater. It is something that I feel a moral obligation for, and it is something that will prove beneficial for all if DHS would offer seminars, classes, relating to extremism on campus and home grown terrorists on campus, and how to spot them, how to handle an emergency situation, etc. A background would prove helpful, i.e. 60s civil rights movements, what UCLA and others as college campuses were like back then (i.e. video), the NIH involvement and its abuses, oral history and stories from suvivors of these times, (i.e. Including survivors of the Holocaust), and feedback from the UCLA and other college communities. The political targeting from the left (i.e. Raul Payan Lomeli, and his friends, the illegal immigration issues that he was and in possibly still involved in, facilitated the rise in extremism and terrorism) here at UCLA when I was (when I met Raul Payan Lomeli), 18 1/2 years old. I am now 40 (dob 04 20 74). I have survived them, and I can contribute back. I think that the UCLA community and others, *students who may be going through this, should be able to get information as to the aforementioned. Not only will it inform the community, (it is advisable that it happen across college campuse, other issue such as repression on campus (freedom of expression), which is also interlinked with the above). On campus repression, suppression of the truth, newspapers, journalists. Contributions (oral/written) from other survivors would prove beneficial to this, i.e. from other survivors, journalists included (print). This is a reccomendation coming from a survivor. FYI. 411. note: I'm used to intellectual property, theft of. SOCIAL CONDITIONING/SOCIAL CONTROL, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES galore, TORT LAW and MORAL TURPITUDE are issues that I have dealt with against extremists/terrorists=identity thieves, NSA and CIA torture and PRISM, and the like, illegal surveillance on campus. POLITICAL TARGETING BY PROFESSORS AND ADMINISTRATORS. It will shed light on these issues, it will make the public more aware, it will facilitate campus safety for all, and it will curtail home grown college campus *terrorists. It began on campus, against me, from the left. I am an activist/citizen journalist/survivor/writer/blogger. I am also an alumna and I was born at UCLA medical center in 1974. I've come *full circle, folks. This is what I can contribute. I come from a place of experience (years worth) and pain. Pain *resonates, I think. :) FYI 911 911 911 THis is Women's History Month. I've dealt with violence against women by so called men, and so called women extremists. They're not human. *Going back to basics of just being human, female/male and American. Sylvia Lydia Morelos Sylvia 911
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