October 06, 2014

The Pilgrims Formula To Save America! Kirk Cameron in Monumental

10/06/14...3:43 a.m. The Matrix of Liberty (with Kirk Cameron and Friend) (above), (courtesy of the PatriotsBillboard on Twitter) is what Freedom in America is based on, how liberty is build. Starbucks and its logos on paper bags and on bags for pastries (i.e. "chocolate" croissants) counter the Matrix of Liberty, Anti-Semite, Anti-Black, *RACISTS* against minorities. Please do not support STARBUCKS. Thanks. You cannot just revamp and begin anew like the RACISM and what it literally sells doesn't/didn't matter, is if it never happened. Hrm. Sounds like"the HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENED"...ring a bell? SOME ASSHOLES ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT THE HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENED!!!! With places like STARBUCKS and OLD SOULD, 40 ACRES, another Coffee House off of Broadway, near 34th, 95817 in Sacramento, ca, they think the rest of us are stupid enough not to realize what they are doing. THE JEHOVAH WITNESSES ARE NOT THE CHOSE ANYTHING. *AND*, FORTUNATELY FOR THE REST OF US, THEY ARE NOT WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS FOUND UPON. THEY DO NOT OWN HUMANITY, INCLUDING AMERICANS. SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS, 10/06/14...411/911
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