October 06, 2014

LIFELOCK, 1-800-607-7205, Sylvia Lydia Morelos, 10/06/14...6:43 p.m.

Please take a few minutes to complete the enrollment form below. Upon completing enrollment you will be immediately covered by our $1 Million Total Service Guarantee*.

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LifeLock Standard
$109.89 annually
LifeLock Advantage
$219.89 annually
LifeLock Ultimate Plus
$329.89 annually
What We Do To Protect YouLifeLock
Ultimate Plus™
LifeLock Identity Alert® System
Lost Wallet Protection
Address Change Verification
Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers
Black Market Website Surveillance
Live Member Support 24/7/365
$1 Million Total Service Guarantee
Fictitious Identity Monitoring 
Court Records Scanning 
Data Breach Notifications 
Online Annual Credit Reports and Scores 1 Credit Bureau3 Credit Bureaus
Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Activity Alerts 
Investment Account Activity Alerts  
Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts  
Bank Account Takeover Alerts  
Credit Inquiry Activity  
File-Sharing Network Searches  
Sex Offender Registry Reports  
Monthly Credit Score Tracking  
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†Network does not cover all transactions.
‡The benefits under the Service Guarantee are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by State National Insurance Company. Under the Service Guarantee LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to hire experts to help your recovery. As this is only a summary please see the actual policy for applicable terms and restrictions at LifeLock.com/legal.

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