October 06, 2014

Crimes always go up A LA GUILLEBEAU...Yeah, I'm standing on my own on this one. That's all you and yours do...committ crimes and treason against the U.S.A. I'm sick of it. You murdered my brothers. RENE ISAAC RUBIO LIED AND HELPED MURDER JESSIE ALEXANDER RUBIO WHILE JESSIE WAS LIVING UNDER HIS OWN ROOF IN LONG BEACH. What? Couldn't get enough of his disability money from him, hrm? As Jessie's PAYEE, Rene, did you get too greedy?Hmm??? Jessie had a payee in San Diego.He needed RENE as his payee when he moved to live with him. It's just a LOGICAL FACT. THE COPS HERE ARE CODDLING RENE ARE THEY???? YOU FUCKERS DID THE CRIMES, YOU WILL DO THE TIME. NO MORE BLOODSHED!!! Bastards. SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS, 10/06/14, 10:28 p.m. I BELIEVE THAT RENE ISAAC RUBIO IS ALSO ON THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST.

Portland Police Bureau UPDATE - DRUNK DRIVER CRASHES STOLEN VEHICLE; CRITICALLY INJURES PASSENGER (PHOTO) News Release from Portland Police Bureau Posted on FlashAlert: October 6th, 2014 5:56 PM Downloadable file: Lindsay_J

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