October 06, 2014

10/06/14...3:49 p.m. How to defend yourself against an Extremist/Terrorist/Terrorist Sympathizer/STALKERS/Weirdos in General. From a Survivor of the Almost 2nd Holocaust....Sylvia Lydia Morelos, 10/06/14, 3:51 p.m.

10/06/14...3:51 p.m.

Hi. This is Sylvia Lydia Morelos. For those of you who are familiar with my writings and blogs and my work and activism in general, thanks. I hope that the information and other writings on my blogs and poems have been of use to use, *constructive* use, and maybe even an inspiration to do something new, different, or better. I hope to bring about awareness on crimes that are difficult to document and to survive alone, and it has been a painful journey.

What I am concerned about is public safety/welfare, the Constitution of the United States, and maintaining the peace. I don't believe in extremists, terrorists, in their friends, human rights abuses, INTOLERANCE, hate crimes, crimes against women, crimes against children, crimes against men, all innocents, crimes against animals, crimes against humanity. I am outspoken against these crimes and I don't believe in the use of violence to combat them. I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and in particular in the 2nd, 4th and 9th Ammendments. I am also sensitive to women's issues and racism, as the racism and sexism against me and my own have been *brutal*.

I am concerned about others not having to experience the same nightmares that my family members and I went through. I am a conscientious person and I believe in the dignity and right of a human being. I also being in my freedom to speak in public (which is a 1st Ammendment right), in peaceable assembly, and in protest against abuses committed against anyone by public services and other public figures.

I would like to outline a way to counteract abuses committed by criminals:

1. Don't lose your temper. The first thing they try to do is to get you to react. They test your patience. They will mock, commit acts of violence, and they use fear and power trips (i.e. I can't do anything I want against you, just try to do something about it, see what happens to you), to push your buttons. They will try to find your weaknesses and exploit them, and yes, they will go after your friends and/or family just to scare the bee jezus out of you.

Others will become manipulative and underhanded. They will sit in front of you with TEARS in their eyes to work on your compassion. They will work on your talents to undermine them, and/or work on your woes (if they can find any that they can turn against you to recruit you, the at risk people/youngsters, i.e. the SHARKS.)  They *will* slander you in every way imaginable,  a la guile e beau, behind your back and smile at you, in your face. Their friends are not your friends. They are usually cult like and have underhanded reasons for befriending you.

They are very envious, selfish, malicious people. Most of them, if not all of them, do not like the U.S. They will find reasons to talk about it, against it in their own corners, but not in your face. I was told once : "We don't like her kind here (at Mission Beach), she's an American, a *real* one. They hate anything American you represent, especially if you are a minority, women/person of color. They will lie about their identity, even change their names and what year they were born. They will befriend age groups accordingly. Many have gone as far as change their appearance, especially white supremacists/kkk, and dye their hair color, and go to tanning salons to darken their skin; they want to come out no matter what, eventually. They are intolerant and *extremely* homophobic, and will pretend otherwise, just to ease into a trusted group. Personally, I would rather be alone than with a bad crowd. I already know how to deal with these types of Anti Americans, Anti Minorities, Anti Semites. They will also try to censor you and label you a "trouble-maker" and call you stupid because you question their messianic authority (i.e. fundamentalist psycho groups like the Jehovah witnesses and revivalist churches.) Ugh.

They may affect your jobs if you find them at work. They feel entitled to their position in life, and they do not intend on giving it up, regardless of how they befriend others, falsely. Once a cult, always a cult. They may inbreed, just a though. (not). I have been doing my homework for a while now, literally did the foot work. Please find my blog at www.sylvialydiamorelos.blogspot.com (activist blog) and on Google+ for more info. You can also find me at www.livinglovingandlaugh.blogspot.com, and on YouTube at Sylvia Lydia Morelos.

They indeed will try to INFILTRATE. No, this is not a joke. They will try to "win you over" and befriend you, especially if they feel that you have no support system and are vulnerable and alone. An added irritant to these malicious types is being a Christian (a REAL one, translation: NORMAL, LOL!, a good person.) If they feel that you have talents that they feel you do not deserve because you are not pure blood, a la aryan race (ugh!), then they will steal...a la artiste and KLING ON to ya, come HELL of HIGH water. Since they cannot SWIM among the normal folk in regular, civilized society, they will treat YOU accordingly for being a member of the normal, world, a U.S. law-abiding citizen and overall, good person.

If you are a woman, a strong, educated woman, especially if you are of a minority decent, i.e. I'm Italian-Mexican American. I also don't subscribe to petty mentalities and intolerant non-authentic weirdos who are LAZY to begin with and blame EVERYONE else...the nerve, I say to myself, especially since many are on WELFARE!!!!!! (I'm not kidding.) They believe and subscribe to MISOGYNY, and they therefore believe in violence against women and in domestic violence. Many women do not report domestic violence to begin with. They will treat their women, and refer to them as their own, as though owned. They also treat their own children accordingly and it is unfortunate because the kids, when they are little especially, don't deserve it.

They are manipulative, conniving, and they use pity to try to convince others that they are victims too: i.e. "I'm getting beat up" (domestic violence)...and then they go and stay in their relationships, they were "abused as children", they are "I didn't know any better" or "I tried".  When they realize that others are becoming aware of them, they turn it around AGAIN and pretend that THEY are the victims, IFF someone, a real victim who knows nothing as to what is going on behind their backs, wants nothing to do with them (they didn't have anything to do with them from the start). They go after good people, people they don't like, people whom they feel have something they want, i.e. they scope out place, people. They also go after people who are the most vulnerable, little to no resources, isolated, lonely, solitary, and who namely CANNOT DEFEND THEMSELVES, kids included. (RAGE)

I am an activist, so I do not support violence. I do, however, know that they can be combated without getting into trouble, i.e. they will instigate entrapment. A few years ago I was saying to a professional at behavioral health, san diego, community research foundation, chula vista, ca. (Michael Juan, anti James Madison), "I'm telling you the truth!" I was arguing with him about something that a the-rapist had done, that I considered unprofessional/unpolished. He wouldn't accept it. What came to mind was, God, if people cannot figure out who's telling the truth, with that kind of technology the rest of us will be dropping like flies. It made sense back then.

On another occasion, I was thinking that just because some of us aren't always strong enough to deal with abuses, it does not make us any less human. If they manage entrapment, to the point where they get someone to react to them because of their abnormal behavior, "what if she, someone like me but younger, is going through the same thing, what if she doesn't know how to respond so that she won't be thrown in jail for defending herself, then what?" Dude, they breed "criminals" these extremists, "real ones". I was younger and angry and saying that to myself. I am resilient and I have been able to get back on my feet because of it. "If I was predisposed to be any other type of person, I would have done something really stupid by now." I don't believe in violence, si se puede.

I always had a self-esteem, something that the aforementioned types lack. (Hitler lacked the same thing, by the way.) If you do not have a self-esteem, it will be more difficult to overcome the abuses that these types of criminals put you through. Instead of focusing on the abuses, especially as a woman, that they were putting me through, I turned inward and relied on my inner resources. I focused on music and writing (something that I grew up with), and I kept a journal (you can find copies of my journal online on google under Sylvia Lydia Morelos and on Instagram, Google.) The violence) against me as a woman has been brutal, racism included, and I have never been a part of their cult. (Note: Last year, I believe, I wrote an essay on the effects of cult leaders and the dangers of cults; I wrote it in the third person for safety reasons, and I heard Michael Juan become nervous (I hadn't figured out yet who and what they were, cults, extremist turned terrorists, etc.). I was still in survival mode. My essay on Cults is on www.booksie.com.

Keeping a journal and documenting, keeping your documentation coherent and as neat as possible is necessary. Scan your pages and/or put them online if you can. You will find my pages online, dated 2006 onward. I realized at that time that these types would take my journals out of context (I'd kept them for years) and I decided to tear them in half and threw them down a trash shoot. I only put pages online that I felt were necessary at that time. I don't think I regret it 100% because they ended up not only spying on me behind my back (i.e. voyeurism, which is a crime), illegal spying since I was 27 (hence LIZ hasn't left me alone since then, she was in behavioral health, community research foundation back then, and quite South Bay Guidance center to work with "pregnant teen girls" in SAN MARCOS, San Diego in  2006. My case was closed with South Bay Guidance Center (you can't have two cases open in a day program at the same time) when I went to Sharp Mid City in 2008. I worked for eight months in 2007, in San Diego.) Liz is still around. Just quieter (conveniently) about it.

In 2012, I closed my case with Sharp Mid City, it was becoming weird and I did not want, nor was I required, legally to stay in a program, regardless of whether or not I am on SSA. I have not gone back to a day program since then, nor do I want to.  "I haven't felt this free in years." Translation: I need to move on and do something with my life. Their shit: she was tor! Uh, no. I can actually think for myself and yes, I am THAT brilliant and intelligent, and Italian Mexican AMERICAN about it. Intelligence is indeed to high and mighty an ideal for these retards (and no, I am not referring to retardation in disabled individuals, they know that and make others believe otherwise)m, I am referring to them, the retards who are intelligence challenged.

Their weaknesses are the following:

1.They are egotistical and proud. They don't like to be "messed" with: "you insulted sooo many of us, Sylvia" Good. I just think. Flex a muscle, your brain. Just Do it. THINK DIFFERENT. Don't be a schmuck, dis (and) go, DUCK!!!!! :P

2. They do NOT like strong, educated, women, especially if they are MINORITIES. "Beat the SHIT out of her [Sylvia] if she doesn't cooperate." I overheard a woman named Kelly at Rachel's Women's Center in the Gaslamp Quarter San Diego,CA say this to someone, just because I was either on the phone with 211 (211 is normal) and/or trying to deal with the fact that she purposely gave me the wrong size trash bag for the trash cans. She also tried to get me to wipe, not mop, wipe the floor without gloves, something that I would not do. I learned patience over the year. I did not allow it to get to me. What happened after that, when I headed to another resource center was a fall, New Jersey and another place were not the only falls I had. (note: four cars passed by when I fell on park and market, on my back. Rumor has it they want to disable me for real, i.e. wheel chair, broken back, broken arm, broken fingers, etc.) I'm a writer and quality. I'm good at what I do.

3. Their perceived "CLOUT". I hate the word clout. They really on their "connections", "I'm an INSIDER", Michael Juan used to mock.

4.Their $$$$$$$. Funding.

5."We have Jehovah witnesses in high places. GLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"...Who the hell doesn't, simpletons? btw, I am a non practicing catholic/Christian. I grew up catholic, (near Ramona Elementary school, off of Normandie and Santa Monica, church/catholic school on Sundays. I did my communion, not my confirmation.) I was inquisitive as a child and started wondering why God...er...sent people to "hell" if we didn't confess...or something or other. I've come full circle. I believe in holidays and in blood transfusion and in the TRINITY. I would never change my values nor participate in INTOLERANCE especially of the kind the Jehovah witness kill for. So no, I am not and never was a j.w. and NO, YOU JEHOVAH WITNESSES nor their revivalist churches are NOT THE TRUE RELIGION, NOR IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD, *BECAUSE OF YOU*. They should be SOOO privileged! They think not, therefore they are not, that's all.




These types do not tolerate criticism. At all. They will "beat the shit out of you" just for calling them RACIST, they also do not like Mexicans.

They also do not like QUALITY and will steal from those of use who are nothing like them, low class and ghetto. They are sub par (it doesn't take much of a human being to do what they do to others) and they are backward (they are trying to take us so far back BEFORE the 60s, it's not even funny anymore.) I said this to them 2 years ago. They also went behind my back and murdered my brothers Jose Antonio Morelos, dob 06 06 75 and Jessie Alexander Rubio, 04 15 81. They stalk quality, people they don't like but want something from them. They are not normal, they are not mainstream. They make up about 1% of the population and fool themselves into believing otherwise. They are not to be sympathized with, because then they become manipulative and will mock you with "you should have known better." They abuse their own members, which makes them sadistic and masochistic, something many of them actually like, but they hurt young victims who are NOT manipulative. They also are also deviants, sexual deviants included. The Jehovah Witnesses should be considered a TERRORIST HUB. Not just fundamentalists, but EXTREMISTS.


For those of you who are normal,
1. Do NOT tolerate abnormal behavior from the get go. Cut through the bullshit from the get go. These types of people are manipulative and conniving and they usually have a hidden agenda, especially if you are healthy, Christian, a good person, happy, and unsuspecting. They take advantage of this. Be weary of who your children hang out with, i.e. new acquaintances. Many of these types are lying about their ages, i.e. I found one who flat out lie about what year she was born, tina bobbina, and no, it is not 1978. I was born in 1974 and she is at least 10 years younger than I am only. IGNORE INDIRECTED/DIRECTED CONVERSATIONS.

2.Isolate them. They deserve EXPOSURE. Do not break the law and become one of them. Note on LEGALITIES (LEGITIMATE): do NOT associate with extremists.

3. Keep a small circle of friends (especially now). They did the EXACT OPPOSITE. Do not talk to strangers. Stay present-focused.

4. Strengthen you resources, family and friends, small circle. Eat well, sleep well, shower, and take care of your basic needs. Strengthen your emergency supplies. Strengthen your support systems. Make sure your home and your belonging are secure.

5. Study the Constitution of the United States. Study U.S. History. Promote public safety. Get away from weirdos, annoying, selfish, narcissistic assholes, and TELL THEM TO THEIR FACE how you see them. THEY ARE NOT USED TO THIS. CUT THROUGH THE BULLSHIT FROM THE GET GO. THEY ARE USED TO THEIR BEHAVIOR BEING ENABLED. "we wouldn't have gotten this far, if we weren't allowed." Guille e beau. (the arsonist,a la lake Tahoe)

6.Look into SMUD. It is Sacramento based only. It is based off of 100$ start up. note: DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH TERRORIST AND TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS. In the future, i.e. schools, jobs, you will be flagged accordingly. You'd think you'd want something better for your kids than their intolerant crap, esp. since they consider themselves a cult, regardless of who they befriend and make otherwise believe.

7. I recommend Lifelock. It protects against identity theft. It costs about 25$ a month/ $275 a year. (I paid for mine for a year, until next year), AND it gives you the names of REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS in your zip code, even if they are registered out of state. www.lifelock.com, https://secure.lifelock.com/enrollment?promocodehide=GOOGSEARCH35&gclid=CjwKEAjw-8ihBRD2t9qT3NaW7igSJAD3_sNVIQxCuqxM91e9p0zm70aOChlF8aXbI3vSZmn86N_9tBoCzeDw_wcB

8. Do not leave your belongings around them. They will scope out your place/things.

9. Focus on your talents and strengths. Be kind to your weaknesses. They actually thrive off of others' fears especially if they can see it. (i.e. Kodak moments to them, they have portraits in their DOODLE book.) They like to see people in pain and unhappy. They are pathological liars. And they hurt children. I'm not sure as to why they see children a certain way, but they do hurt their own children too.

10. They like to distract people. Recommended: 9-5, focus on normal life, job, school, slow down if you can to. Details do matter. Not cutting corners in your own lives matter. It's nurturing to pay attention to your own details and those of your loved ones. Enjoy life, while being aware of your surroundings, don't live in fear. They win if you do and no, this is not a game. It is to them.

11. Cut through the bullshit. Authentic and direct communication only. Anything else is special effect. Anything abnormal outside of my system, I don't listen to. Example, menticide: According to the American Psychiatric Journal, menticide is "the undermining a person's will, through systematic abuse, torture, medication (if not needed, get a second opinion), brainwashing, or suggestion. IT IS A CRIME.  Trust your instincts.

12. Read the papers. The ones you trust. I trust the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press,  The New York Times. Recommended: THE USA TODAY. The New Yorker is always fun/relaxing, TIME MAGAZINE (photojournalism), and Try the Sacramento Bee, local.

13. For those who want to and have time, research the following if you can: go onto MICROFICHE and look at the aforementioned papers, all of 2013, the photographs, particularly those referring to OBAMA and the OBAMA administration. The periodical section of the Library is also helpful.

Take it one day at a time. If you are not a malicious person like them, you will know what nurturing does for you. You are coming from a good place, we, good people, all have flaws, petty stuff maybe. Normal people don't kill others for those flaws though. Normal people don't have a chip on their shoulder, blame everyone else for them, and go postal. Normal people do NOT join cults.

*They have NO personality. NONE. Very bland these fuckers are. They also stand out. It is a matter of observation.*

Recommended books: "The Thinking Life: How to Thrive During an Age of Distraction, by P.M. Forni. 15 min. of critical thinking a day. Flex a muscle, your brain. *Think Different* for real. Just do it. No brain, no gain. Refer to www.brainyquotes.com, Maria Popova, www.personalitycafe.com (highly recommended, I can identify with brainy, creative types on there), YOUTUBE vides, focus open LYRICS IN MUSIC, type the title of the song, then add Lyrics to it. Musicians have always saved my life, ("I want my MTV"). I am a writer, so words mean a lot to me. They made a difference.

SELF EXPRESSION IS THE PINNACLE OF DEMOCRACY. "Self expression is costly, isn't it Sylvia (after I found out my brother, Jose Antonio Morelos was murdered last year.)

This is what I can do to make the public aware. I have undergone this for 13 years, 24/7, not an exaggeration. I am the worst case scenario for 0 privacy. That could kill anyone. Resilient, though is what we are. :) Love the ADL, Anti Defamation League and Anne Franke. xoxo:)

They have tried to reinvent my childhood and my life for a while now. I keep getting up. They murdered my brothers who were noble, hardworking and kind. These types resent that, they are the complete opposite. They have tried to take my faith away in others and in myself, in God. "You still believe in good people, Sylvia?" (shock,is what they felt), "You still believe in God, Sylvia?", "The murder of your brother (Jose Antonio Morelos) doesn't devastate you, Sylvia? Uh no it doesn't, it make me more angry and more determined to keep fighting you fuckers. NO VIOLENCE, SI SE PUEDE.

The political targeting began against me, a Conservative (I'm a Libertarian), a while back. The attacks have come from the left. Since UCLA, these fuckers haven't left me alone. They also went from being extremists to terrorists. They believe that they are above the law.


Sylvia Lydia Morelos
515 21st Street, #
Sacramento, Ca 95811

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