September 23, 2014



Voter Registration and Elections

(916) 875-6451
California Relay Service English 1-888-877-5379
7000 65th St. Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95823
Inquire about the availability of documents in alternate formats.
Registering to vote is easier than ever thanks to the new online voter registration application developed by the California Secretary of State in coordination with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), California’s 58 county elections officials, and their election management system vendors. Complete the online registration form.
The County of Sacramento is actively recruiting bilingual Election Officers to work on Election Day. We need your help if you are fluent in English and any of the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi, Korean, or Japanese.  Find out more here.
NEW -  Upcoming Elections
Accessible Sample Ballot Pamphlet Coming Soon
Voter Registration and Elections now has an Election Day mobile application designed for mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and iPads. Find out more.
Go Green - You now have a choice in how you receive your Sample Ballot Booklet. You can choose to “go green” by opting out of receiving a paper booklet by mail and access it online, or you can do nothing and continue to receive it by mail. To opt out of receiving a paper Sample Ballot Booklet by mail, complete our online form.
In compliance with federal law and local ordinance, Voter Registration & Elections provides services to voters and official election materials in Spanish and Chinese, in addition to English.  To find out more about what Multilingual voter services include, read more
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Sample ballot booklets are available online 30 days before each election
You have two options for viewing election results
To view election results in a simple html format, click here.
Election Night Reporting New and Improved
To view the interactive election results webpage,
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