September 25, 2014


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Passes, Tickets & Fares
Daily Passes are valid for unlimited rides on RT buses and light rail until 1:30 a.m. the day after purchase or validation. Basic Single Fare tickets are accepted on buses. Exact change is required since bus operators do not carry or give change. Pre-Paid tickets must be validated (date and time stamped) by the fare vending machine before boarding light rail. Light rail tickets are valid for two hours from time of purchase or validation. Tickets to ride on light rail must be purchased before boarding, and are available from fare vending machines located at light rail stations. Monthly Passes, purchased in advance, are valid for unlimited rides on RT buses and light rail for the month shown, and through the first business day of the following month. The Class Pass is a discounted group pass available to teachers traveling with classes. For more information on the Class Pass program, please call 321-BUSS (2877).
Effective September 1, 2009, Central City/Shuttle fares have been discontinued and transfers will no longer be issued.
RT Fares Accepted by Other Transit Agencies  (Click Here for PDF)
Bus: Passengers are required to pay a Basic or Discount single fare for each trip or may purchase a daily pass valid for unlimited rides on that day.
Light Rail: Single ride tickets are good for two hours from time of validation on light rail only. Daily and monthly passes are valid for unlimited rides on buses and light rail for the date(s) or month shown.
Bikes on Board!
RT buses are equipped with bike racks. Each rack can carry two bikes at a time, even during peak commute hours, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Bikes are not allowed inside RT buses (unless it is the last bus on the route that day and the bike carrier is full. For Bike Locker information call: (916) 556-0354.

  • Only one bike allowed per passenger.
  • Bikes cannot be more than 80 inches long and must be less than 48 inches high.
  • Motorized bikes are not allowed in and/or on RT vehicles.
  • Bikes must be clean and free of sharp objects.
In three simple steps and less than 25 seconds, you can load your bike onto the rack. Just follow the steps displayed on the rack. Bikes may not be locked to the rack, and RT is not responsible for bikes that are stolen, left on racks or damaged.
Bikes on Light Rail
  • Bicyclists can catch light rail everyday during all hours of operation.
  • Four bikes on board each light rail car, two in front and two in the rear. However, in the first car, board only through the rear door and no bikes are permitted at the front of the car which is reserved for our disabled or elderly passengers.
  • Bicyclists must be able to load and unload their bikes without assistance.
  • At anytime, cyclists may be asked to exit if the train becomes full.
  • On the last train of the day, there is no limit on the number of bikes that can board. 

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RT Photo ID CardsPassengers eligible to purchase RT discount monthly stickers must have a proper RT photo ID card. RT photo ID cards cost $3 each and may be purchased by: seniors age 62 and older (with written proof of age), and individuals with disabilities (with written proof of disability). A Medicare ID card is valid to purchase an RT Disabled photo ID card. Please call 321-2877 for a listing of documentation accepted by RT for disabled and attendant IDs. Students (ages 5-18) must show proof of enrollment, name and date of birth (birth certificate, school id, ssn), name of parent (or legal guardian), and home address and telephone number to purchase an RT student ID card. RT student ID cards are good for three years.
Passes in Advance
RT passes and tickets can be purchased in person at RT's Customer Service & Sales Center or at over 50 outlets located throughout the Sacramento area. Monthly passes are sold from the 25th of each month through the 10th of the following month. Call 321-BUSS (2877) for the outlet nearest you. Passes and tickets may also be purchased by telephone (with a major credit card) by calling 321-2849 or by mail. To request mail order forms, call 321-BUSS (2877).
The Bus Book
The Bus & Light Rail Timetable Book is your complete guide to Sacramento Regional Transit. Detailed Routes & Schedules (with maps) are instantly at your fingertips. The Bus Book is available through the RT Customer and Sales Center (adjacent to the 13th Street light rail station), call 321-BUSS for more information. The price is $2.00. Buy yours today! There is now a PDF version available online, Click Here to download.

Destination Guide
The Destination Guide is your quick source for movie theaters, museums, libraries, and other family attractions in the Sacramento area. Also included are the most convenient RT routes that will get you there. Make it easy on yourself, use the Destination Guide to plan your next Sacramento adventure using RT.

Passenger Courtesy
Senior and Disabled Priority Seating
Federal law requires designated seats to be vacated when needed by passengers with disabilities as requested by RT operator. The flip-up seats at the front of the buses (and light rail trains) are reserved for wheelchair and mobility aid users.

Passenger Conduct
  • Disturbing others with loud or unruly behavior is prohibited. Talking with the operator while the bus (or train) is in motion is not allowed.
  • Eating or smoking on buses and light rail vehicles is not permitted. Beverages in tightly covered containers are allowed.
  • Headphones must be used when listening to sound equipment.
  • In order to keep seats clean, please refrain from putting feet on the seats.
  • Asking passenger for money is prohibited.
Traveling with Children
For safety purposes, please hold your child's hand while boarding and exiting. Remember: The train and back door's of buses close automatically. Strollers must be folded and placed out of the aisle. Whenever space is needed for senior/disabled riders, the designated seats must be vacated
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