September 30, 2014

911 on 09/30/14...2:28 p.m. SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS.......

Please read my blog at your earliest convenience at (activist blog) and Sylvia Lydia Morelos on google as well as my tweets on @sylviamor1974 and @sylmor19741 (there's a lot going on on there). I don't appreciate those assholes trying to sneak on there through others and lying about it. those stalking me for example.....they have no respect for privacy, online included. NO CENSORSHIP is allowed. they nickel and dime (akin to) to instigate me out of services, it has happened consistently, in resources, like the LUTHERAN CHURCH safeground. FYI in Sacramento, ca. 17th and L. 95817, 95815, 95814... no violence, si se puede. Self expression is the pinnacle of democracy. Sylvia Lydia Morelos
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