August 08, 2014

Citizen Online Police Report (COPR), SAN FRANCISCO, CA., SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS, 08/08/14...11:45 A.M., SYLVIA LYDIA MORELOS

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City and County of San Francisco
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Citizen Online Police Report (COPR)

Citizen Online Police Report (COPR)
 Online Reporting
If you have an   EMERGENCY, or
if a crime or suspicious activity is happening RIGHT NOW,
or, if the suspect(s) is still there,
call     9-1-1   or   415-553-0123.

This report system does not connect to police dispatch.
Please call   9-1-1   directly.

Visitors may file some crime reports or make other reports "online".

Links to report forms are at the bottom of this page.

You can report a "cold" property crime with no known suspects, suspicious activity or a traffic safety problem  occurring within the City and County of San Francisco. Please read the instructions to complete and send us an online report. It is easy and convenient to fill-in our online report forms.

If the crime is occurring RIGHT NOW - or if it occurred in the last few minutes -- DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM !! Please call 9-1-1 or 415-553-0123 to report it.

You CANNOT use this system to report the crime when you are the victim and/or :
  1. You know who the suspect is ( Name, Address, Car Lic. #, or you can describe the suspect.), or
  2. The crime involves one person hitting, injuring, assaulting any other person, including threats, any injury, pain or act considered a sex crime, as the result of:
    • Domestic violence --(violence by spouses, partners, dating couples, etc.)
    • Battery --(hitting or touching another)
    • Assault with a deadly weapon.
    • Robbery --(taking anything from a person by force or threat)
    • Homicide,  Rape,  Kidnapping,  Child or Elder abuse or molestation.
If items were taken from inside a building (residence or business), or you have undisturbed evidence left behind by a suspect (such as fingerprints, pry marks, blood, tools, moved or disturbed property or other items, etc.)  Please call   415-553-0123.   Ask for an officer to come to your location at anytime - 24 hours everyday. The officer will take your report in person.  DO NOT touch or move anything until officers can view it and collect any evidence.
You cannot use an online form to report:
  • Traffic accidents / motor vehicle collisions of any kind,
    (All accidents with an injury - including minor pain - MUST be reported to an officer on a state approved form).
  • Stolen vehicles or parts, which include:
    Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Trailers, Boats and License plates,
  • Missing Persons - coming to, from or living in San Francisco.
To report any of these incidents, please call   415-553-0123-- 24 hours everyday.

This report system is intended for reporting "COLD" crimes and incidents (any non-emergency that occurred over one hour to several days or weeks ago).
Online reports must have:
  • No urgency (Non-Emergency cases), and
  • No known suspects,   and
  • No police investigation or follow-up needed.
    Example:   Your report is for insurance purposes only.
Online crimes reports offered here include:
  • Petty theft - (total value under $400.00) - except from a building - see below,
  • Grand theft - (total value $400.01 & over) - except from a building - see below,
  • Bicycle thefts - any value.
  • Vehicle burglary - (items taken from a locked car - any value),
  • Vandalism - (damaging, breaking or destroying property),
  • Lost property - (no theft involved, but desire a report for insurance, etc.)
If your theft was from any building occupied by people (residence or business) it may be a burglary and needs to be investigated. If your incident is a burglary, or it is not listed above, please call 415-553-0123. and ask to meet with an officer.
We provide online services for your convenience. Online reports are considered "low-priority" service calls. A police officer will read your report entries and contact you by phone and/or email to verify the information you entered. Any follow-up needed will be done at that time.   We must contact you before your report can be completed.   This is for your protection, to make sure we have all needed information and to avoid filing of false reports. When we contact you, we will assign a police report number at that time.
We download and check reports on average once every 24 hours (longer on weekends and holidays). It can take from one to three business days after you submit your report to be contacted by an officer and get a case number.
If you do not get a response from an officer within 72 hours, please call the Police Department at 415-553-0123.
Any case eligible for online reporting can also be taken by a police officer in-person or over the phone. If the matter is urgent, or you need a faster response and must receive a case report number today, please call 415-553-0123. You can call us anytime, 24 hours -- everyday. The next available officer will be assigned and can meet you or return your phone call and collect the report information.
Your Crime or Incident Must Have Occured The City and County of San Francisco: If the crime occurred in another city, please contact that agency directly. We cannot forward our online reports to any other police agencies.
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