July 27, 2014


Workplace Bullying/[Workplace Mobbing]

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Bullying in the workplace is more common than you might think. According to a study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 25 percent of companies who participated reported some degree of bullying in the preceding year.

Workplace bullying is often hard to identify—and even harder to manage. It comes in many forms, occurs at every level, and is often unnoticed and unaddressed until it leads to more devastating consequences.

Workplace bullying can be any negative behavior that demonstrates a lack of regard for other workers. The behavior may be severe enough to affect a targeted worker’s health, jeopardize his job, and strain his relationships with family and friends. It often has nothing to do with work itself.

Workplace bullying can include a vast number of disrespectful behaviors including:
  • Harassment
  • Mobbing
  • Incivility
  • Teasing
  • Gossiping
  • Purposely withholding business information
  • Overruling decisions without a rationale
  • Sabotaging team efforts
  • Demeaning others
  • Verbal intimidation 
According to a Joint Commission study, the effects of workplace bullying can result in errors, poor client satisfaction, increased costs, and higher turnover rates among employees.

Employees can benefit from interactive, skill based training to build and maintain workplaces that are physically and emotionally safe.

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