July 12, 2014

Whistleblower and are seeking GAP's assistance, Sylvia Lydia Morelos



    It is important for you to understand that your application to us, or communicating with us about your application, does not mean that we are representing you. Indeed, because our lawyers are governed by licensing authorities, we must inform you that GAP lawyers are not representing you unless and until you receive written notification of that, and have signed a retainer agreement. Until such point your application to GAP is simply under consideration, and should we request more information or documents from you, this is only a part of the application process.

    Please be advised that GAP cannot guarantee prompt review or a decision regarding your intake application. It is advisable that you understand the deadlines and/or statute of limitations associated with your case. GAP is not responsible for alerting you to such limitation periods during the application process.

  • Before You Start... *
  • I. Contact Information

    (We do not recommend using any work contact information for the purposes of this application)
  • - -
  • - -
  • Where did you hear about GAP?
  • II. Whistleblowing Activity

  • 1. Please check the program areas that apply to your whistleblowing activity.
  • 2. Have you disclosed information that evidences:
  • III. Employer Information

  • 2. Are you an employee/contractor (either current or former) of this company or agency?
  • 3. If a company or corporation, is it publicly traded?
  • 4. If a government agency, is it
  • IV. Legal History

  • 7a. Are you seeking advice or assistance ONLY for the purpose of making a DISCLOSURE? *
  • 7b. If you are seeking LEGAL REPRESENTATION, can you afford GAP's standard non-profit attorney fee for services of approximately $85-$175 per hour? In addition, are you able to pay the expenses associated with litigation, such as depositions, print materials or travel expenses, if necessary?Please note your ability to pay is not the primary factor GAP considers in our decision to represent you. However, we do expect people with means and an income to pay toward their representation as well as expenses. Our public interest rates are a fraction of what private attorneys charge. In addition, we do not charge initial consultation fees for an inquiry regarding representation. *
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