July 31, 2014


"Our forefathers came to certain conclusions... which have been a great blessing to the world. Before we can understand their conclusions, we must go back and review the course which they followed. We must think the thoughts which they thought." — President Calvin Coolidge
That is the vision for RestoringHistory.US: to help the next generation of Americans study the course of history and become effective defenders of the political, economic, and religious principles that led to freedom.
The mission of RestoringHistory.US is to link educational resources to chapters in popular history textbooks, helping families to easily locate materials that:
  1. counteract the liberal/progressive bias found in many textbooks, and
  2. make the study of history... NOT boring!

The path leading from tyranny to liberty
The founders did not invent our form of government in a vacuum. They were students of Greek and Roman history and of political thinkers such as Aristotle, Polybius, and Cicero. They studied the writings of their contemporaries who advanced principles of republican government, free market economics, and Natural Law: Montesquieu, Adam Smith, and John Locke, among others. They were also students of the Bible. Although they were not all "orthodox" Christians, they proclaimed the absolute necessity of public virtue, morality, or, as David Brog calls it, the "disinterested benevolence" of the Judeo-Christian tradition, in order to secure liberty in a republican government.
The path leading us progressively back to tyranny
By contrast, many of our leaders today seem to be students of:
  • Machiavelli (use of deception and manipulation to consolidate power)
  • Karl Marx (diminished property rights, heavy progressive income tax, pitting classes of people against each other, etc.)
  • John Maynard Keynes (government "stimulus" spending)
  • Richard Cloward & Frances Fox Piven (overloading the welfare system to force a socialist revolution)
  • Saul Alinsky (whose community-organizing book Rules for Radicals contains an acknowledgment "to the very first radical" — Lucifer)

For Homeschool Families

This site is geared toward homeschool families – especially those following the classical education pattern, where history is the "spine" of the curriculum. As you move through your history textbooks, RestoringHistory.US will make it easier to find some of the best resources that will supplement topics that your family is studying. Our goal is to find the best books, historical dramas, and other resources corresponding to chapters in your history spine. We also plan to have original articles on important topics that you may want to emphasize with your children.

For Other Students

In a future upgrade, we will be adding a search feature, so you can search for topics and resources, even if you are not using one of the popular homeschool history textbooks.
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How you can help

RestoringHistory.US is just getting started! There is a lot of work to do to make it successful — far more than I can do by myself, in my "spare" time. Here are some ways that you can be part of helping it grow. — Steve Johnston, Founder
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