People Need to Understand,  that the 2nd Amendment’s Purpose,  is to give the people the right to defend themselves against a Tyrannical Govt. Does Anyone Wonder Why Obama and Others of his Ilk want to Destroy the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment and Disarm the People.   This is the First Step most Dictators take!  Most have used Crime Control as a Motive!

Is Obama Building His National Defense Force, For Us??…….

    With The Russians, with these Syrians, with the illegals, with the DHS Youth Defense Force, What Do You Think!
Could they be preparing for us – “We The People”?         Be Prepared!

By Daniel Greenfield via FM   Note: Two Week Old
Someone has to blow up the buildings that Americans won’t blow up.

The Department of Homeland Security on Monday issued new regulations that will allow more Syrian refugees to temporarily settle in the United States.

The department estimates that about 9,000 people will be eligible to come to America under the 18-month extension to March 2015 of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syrians. Another 2,600 or so Syrians already here will be able to apply to renew their status. The Obama administration first gave TPS designation to Syrian citizens and residents last year, and the status was set to expire on Sept. 30.
“The extension of the current Syria TPS designation and re-designation is due to the continued disruption of living conditions in the country that are a result of the extraordinary and temporary conditions that led to the initial TPS designation of Syria in 2012,” the Homeland Security Department said. “The extension is based on ongoing armed conflict in that region and the continued deterioration of country conditions.”
Why extend TPS to a date two years from now when we have no idea whether the Syrian Civil War will last that long? Because TPS is effectively infinite.
Last week, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that TPS had been extended for at least 70,000 Hondurans and Nicaraguans “for an additional 18 months, beginning July 6, 2013, and ending Jan. 5, 2015.” Thanks to American generosity, these TPS winners have been here since 1998 — when Hurricane Mitch hit their homeland.
That was 15 years ago.
Another 250,000 illegal aliens from El Salvador first won TPS golden tickets after an earthquake struck the country … in January 2001. In addition, 60,000 Haitians received TPS after the earthquakes in 2010. Last fall, Napolitano extended their stay until at least 2014. Several hundred Somalis remain in the country with TPS first granted in 1991, along with some 700 Sudanese who first secured TPS benefits in 1997. Last March, the Obama administration extended TPS to an estimated 3,000 Syrian illegal aliens. Guatemala and Pakistan are lobbying for their own TPS designations.
If those 9,000 come. They’re never leaving.

AP Demolishes the Obama Presidency in One Brutal Piece………

 If Only So Easy!
Let me be clear: This isn’t just navel-gazing. This eyeing the whole kit-n-kaboodle like aKate Upton photo spread.  If you’re a Democrat, you might want to hold your hand over your child’s eyes.
AP Demolishes the Obama Presidency in One Brutal Piece

This is from Liz Sidotti of the Associated Press (that’s right — the AP):
“As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to bring a different, better kind of leadership to the dysfunctional capital. He’d make government more efficient, accountable and transparent. He’d rise above the “small-ball” nature of doing business. And he’d work with Republicans to break Washington paralysis.
You can trust me, Obama said back in 2008. And — for a while, at least — a good piece of the country did.
But with big promises often come big failures — and the potential for big hits to the one thing that can make or break a presidency: credibility.
A series of mounting controversies is exposing both the risks of political promise-making and the limits of national-level governing while undercutting the core assurance Obama made from the outset: that he and his administration would behave differently.
The latest: the government’s acknowledgement that, in a holdover from the Bush administration and with a bipartisan Congress’ approval and a secret court’s authorization, it was siphoning the phone records of millions of American citizens in a massive data-collection effort officials say was meant to protect the nation from terrorism. This came after the disclosure that the government was snooping on journalists. Continue reading

The Criminals Will Obey Gun Laws, The System Will Not Convict!…….

THEY WANT TO DISARM THE LEGAL GUN OWNERS, BUT NOT CONVICT THE CRIMINALS! Yes, these criminals are going to obey gun laws and background check! It is amazing that these shooting events always seem to happen when the GOVERNMENT is trying to institute MORE gun laws?  Why?
NEW ORLEANS (AP) New Orleans police and federal authorities were searching early Tuesday for a young man who is suspected of opening fire at a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans, wounding 19. Continue reading

New Data, Gun Violence is Declining Significantly in U.S., But Due to Govt. and Anti-Gun Forces, People Think They are up……..

The Government’s push (OBAMA, HOLDER, NAPOLITANO, HILLARY, BLOOMBERG AND OTHERS) for gun control continues, while gun violence is declining!

Gun violence has actually plunged in the U.S. since its peak in the middle of the 1990s, according to two new studies of government data.
At the same time, a majority of Americans believe it is on the rise.
Gun crime statistics are comprised of murders, assaults, robberies and other crimes, and the Pew Research Center found that they’re down overall.
In less than two decades, the gun murder rate has been nearly cut in half, their research suggested, while other gun crimes fell even more sharply.
This parallels a broader drop in violent crimes committed with or without guns, which peaked during the 1990s and has fallen sharply since then.
The decline has been more modest since the turn of the century, but overall, the number of gun killings dropped 39 percent between 1993 and 2011.
The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported in a separate study released Tuesday that gun crimes that weren’t fatal fell by 69 percent in that time. Continue reading

Without the 2nd Amendment, what freedoms will you have………………

   Obama and his people are trying every trick in the book!

Inform on your neighbor, brother, sister, friend, whomever!

SHERIFF: ‘We want people to call us if guy down street hates government’

Posted on May 2, 2013
I might have to call in and report myself. Everyone should hate government. Especially the type that takes your freedom away.
Check it out:
Florida House and Senate budget leaders have awarded Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw $1 million for a new violence prevention unit aimed at preventing tragedies like those in Newtown, Conn., and Aurora, Colo., from occurring on his turf.
Bradshaw plans to use the extra $1 million to launch “prevention intervention” units featuring specially trained deputies, mental health professionals and caseworkers. The teams will respond to citizen phone calls to a 24-hour hotline with a knock on the door and a referral to services, if needed.
The goal will be avoiding crime — and making sure law enforcement knows about potential powder kegs before tragedies occur, Bradshaw said. But the earmark, which is a one-time-only funding provision, provoked a debate Monday among mental health advocates and providers about the balance between civil liberties, privacy and protecting the public.
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California, New York, ………… Never forget Diane Feinstein ………..

   They will use this as a test for gun confiscation!  Being supported by obama, holder, HHS, HMS and any other dept. they can use to take the guns!

California governor signs bill to speed up gun seizures

jbrown12z  Do not forget Feinstein
Gov. Jerry Brown announced Wednesday that he has signed legislation expanding the ability of state agents to seize firearms from nearly 20,000 Californians who are not allowed to have them.
The bill authorizes $24 million for the state Department of Justice’s Armed and Prohibited Persons program. The money will go to hire more agents to confiscate the weapons and reduce the backlog over the next three years.
maybe this is why Homeland Security is stock piling billions of rounds of ammo?
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Obama is coming after the guns, then he will come after ……………..

Obama wants your guns, your money and your property, without the 2nd Amendment, he will take all!      WAKE UP SOON!
Obama Administration Trying to 
Grab Guns Through Executive Order
Tell HHS their new regs are crazy
“Gun Owners of America [has] spent the months since Newtown doing tremendous damage, insisting that expanded background checks will lead to a gun registry.” – New York Times, April 4, 2013
It’s quite a complement when the New York Times thinks that you are doing “tremendous damage.”  But you can be sure that the other side is not going to go away quietly.
And sure enough, the Obama Administration is trying to unilaterally undo our recent victory in the Senate – and to undo the “damage” that all of us inflicted together.
But first, a little history.
Remember when Senators Pat Toomey, Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer formed an unholy alliance during the recent gun battle on Capitol Hill?  Remember how their amendment would have encouraged your psychiatrist to turn you in to the FBI’s gun ban list?
And you remember how we stopped that provision, because over 40 senators found it to be odious and a violation of the Second Amendment?
Well, guess what?  Barack Obama has just concluded that “he don’t need no stinkin’ Senate.”
Instead, Secretary Kathleen “ObamaCare” Sebelius – and her Department of Health and Human Services – has promulgated regulations which would, by executive fiat, waive all federal privacy laws and encourage you doctor to report you to the FBI.
Understand a couple of things:  First, the standard which your doctor would use to turn you in is embodied in Clinton-era ATF language and in the anti-gun Veterans Disarmament Act of 2007. Specifically, you doctor would “drop a dime” on you if he suspected you were even a slight “danger to yourself of others” or were “unable to manage your financial affairs.” Continue reading


        GE,  a major supporter of Obama, this same guy was suppose to work to create U.S. jobs for Obama,  his first action was to send 10 to 20,000 jobs to China, MAYBE MORE!
We all need to boycott GE and GE financial!

General Electric Co. is quietly cutting off lending to gun shops, as the company rethinks its relationship to firearms amid the fallout from the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.
This month, Glenn Duncan, owner of Duncan’s Outdoor Store in Bay City, Mich., said he received a letter from GE Capital Retail Bank in which the lender said it had made “the difficult decision” to stop providing financing services to his store. Other gun dealers have received similar notices.
GE is at least the second big financial firm to retreat from the gun business following the school shootings, which claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and six adults in December.

No Furloughs for ObamaCare…………..

     This should come as no Surprise!    Obama conveniently forgets that the Sequester Plan was his Brain Child!
Like a Spoiled Child who did not get his way, He is intentionally Inflicting High Visible Pain!
Impeachable Offense!    
Do Not Forget Their Hiring of Political Operatives, to Implement this plan, but also to act as Vote Getters.  Pay to be up to 48.00 per hour!
Do not forget their request to Congress for over $3.1 million, to pay for P.R. firms to put a good light on ObamaCare!!
The office implementing most of President Obama’s healthcare law is not furloughing its workers as a result of sequestration, its director said Wednesday.
Gary Cohen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, said Wednesday that his office has not cut its workers’ hours and pay as a result of the automatic budget cuts that went into effect in March.
Republicans have accused the Obama administration of politicizing the sequester by targeting highly visible programs like airport security and White House tours.

Missouri trying to protect the 2nd Amendment rights…………….

In an effort to protect Second Amendment rights, theMissouri House passed on Thursday what’s being called “sweeping pro-gun proposals,” whilehundreds rallied around the state capitol, showing their support for Second Amendment rights and legislation that aims to protect those rights.
The bill, which passed with a 115-41 vote, does several key things to protect resident’s gun rights. First, it bans the enforcement of federal gun control regulations within the state’s lines. Second, the bill allows for certain school officials to be armed, provided they have a valid permit and register with the Department of Public Safety. It also allows for the open carry of small firearms, less than 16 inches long. Additionally, the bill drops the legal age requirement to apply for a concealed carry permit from 21 to 19, while still requiring a background check and completion of a firearms safety course. The bill prohibits health professionals from being required to ask people about firearm ownership or documenting that information in medical records. Lastly, the bill makes it illegal to publish any personal information about gun owners or those applying for a concealed carry permit.

But not all Missouri lawmakers are happy about the new bill. Rep. Margo McNeil (D-St. Louis) said in reaction to the measures, “I feel that what is really outrageous are the 20 children killed in Sandy Hook … but [the House] thinks it is outrageous that we have to shield ourselves from background checks for criminals and for the mentally ill. I am appalled.”
does she really believe, that criminals, terrorist and the mentally ill are going to submit to a background check?  i am appalled that she and others believe this! Continue reading


There Are A Great Number Of Nuts, Crackpots And Groups Around The World Who Want To Take Us Down. Some In Our Own Government As Well As Several Other Governments Are Actively Funding These Efforts. Until We Learn (As The Israeli Citizens Have Learned), We Will Be Vulnerable.                           Wake Up America; Government Is Not Your Friend. Government Is A Large Group Of People Who Want To Work Their Way To Retirement Or Want Their Positions Of Power And See Their Agenda’s To Take Over America.                  Wake Up America!
Source Reveals Research Included High-Value Targets Inside U.S.
Raza Kahilli 4-22-13
Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Forces, ordered reconnaissance and intelligence gathering on various events and public gatherings in the United States years ago, culminating in the bombings at the Boston Marathon one week ago, WND has learned.
According to a source within Iran’s intelligence services, the Islamic regime’s Quds Forces, a special unit of the Revolutionary Guards in charge of extraterritorial operations, have done extensive planning on gatherings, events and high-value targets in the United States for some time, but for two years focused on events such as the Boston Marathon.
The source had earlier provided information that tied the Islamic regime Continue reading


UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE – Once Again Proving We Live In An Upside Down Country With A Government That Not What They’re Doing
Thank you Sheriff Dar Leaf, Barry County, Michigan
 U.S. Supreme Court: 1968, Haynes v. U.S.:  Haynes, a convicted felon, was convicted of unlawful possession of an unregistered short-barreled shotgun. He argued that for a convicted felon to register a gun was effectively an announcement to the government that he was breaking the law and that registration violated his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. The court, by an 8 – 1 margin, agreed, concluding:  “We hold that a proper claim of the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination provides a full defense to prosecutions either for failure to register a firearm, or for possession of an unregistered firearm.”  So, when these gun registration schemes are announced, be very aware that only lawful gun-owners are required to register their firearms.  Unlawful owners are exempted from registration laws due to their constitutional protection against self-incrimination.  Amazing, but true.