July 27, 2014

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Operation Productivity:  What’s Your Idea? Mural Project
Operation Productivity:  What’s Your Idea? Mural Project

The Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office has partnered with Siemen’s Industry U.S. to develop a mural for their new campaign titled Operation Productivity: What’s Your Idea?  To promote the campaign to their employees, Siemen’s executives suggested a mural be put up at their Hollister Road facility.  MAGO staff members, Siemen’s employees and youth who participate in MAGO programs worked together to design and paint the mural.

In addition to painting, youth participants were provided with opportunities to interact with Siemens staff, tour their facility and learn about the types of jobs and careers Siemens offers.

Understanding Gang Involvement

Gang members are all ethnicities, both male and female, and of all socio-economic backgrounds. Many come from homes with little or no supervision or parental involvement. They are often low academic performers, truants, and cause disciplinary issues at home and school. They tend to have low self-esteem, and are usually indifferent, aggressive, angry, and apathetic because they feel hopeless.

Programs and Services

Programs developed and implemented by the Anti-Gang Office provide free case management, counseling, court based-assessment, mediation, referrals, recreation activities, school-based intervention strategies, job readiness assistance for youth offenders, truancy reduction, victims' assistance, and community education and training on gang awareness.
Contact Us
Patricia Harrington, Division Manager
Anti-Gang Office
Department of Neighborhoods
P.O. Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251
Phone Number 832.393.0931
Email: patricia.harrington@houstontx.gov
Gang graffiti is a means of non-verbal communication used to advertise the gang, mark its territory, threaten violence, honor dead members of the gang, and advertise for recruits. It is also used to communicate messages and show disrespect to rival gangs. Gang members will cross out, reverse, crack, or turn symbols upside down to show disrespect to their rivals.
Speaker Request Form
PLEASE NOTE ... Requests must be made 30 days in advance and will only be confirmed by the Mayor's Anti-Gang Office.

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