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  2. This is something everyone needs to know. Islam is maddness, war & death!
  3. You crack me up May, lol. The older I get the more of a morning person I seem to be. Maybe cause I don't drink like I used to.
  4. After these illegal children are settled, Obama will bring their extended family here to "reunite them."
  5. Hard choices? No. Easy choice. Don't buy the book. Looks like most people agree.
  6. at least she has a brain, use it & teaches everyone, which is more than U, jack wagon!
  7. I don't know how they get it or what it looks like. If Bachmann says NSA bad, killed
  8. What a piece of drivel, Mr. Egg.
  9. .: The biggest set of balls in the belong to a woman!> NEVERMIND balls. It's wisdom from God, you can have too
  10. If there is ONE Woman that young GIRLS should emulate it's SARAH! NOT hillary!
  11. Obama’s Proxy W/Obama's blessing La Raza thugs arrive in Murrieta
  12. Obama just followed his own twitter account so he can find out what's going on.
  13. Saw advert for new TV show "My Big Redneck Vacation" brought to me by the same country that banned "The Redskins"
  14. Progs w/Ø leading t/bandwagon have turned immigration into nothing more than a 3rd world welfare program. .
  15. Does anyone think that in 20 years all these illegals will be solid-middle class income Americans who pay taxes? I sure don't!
  16. : HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! we are up to the challenge!
  17. 2056- Admits To A Smidgeon Of A Felony in NOM Case - So Who's Going To Jail?
  18. me too. I think they gave us a lot of good rulings earlier so that they can hit us with this one.
  19. our followers might be interested in Roger Stone review of Evil Town on Lew Rockwell site: … …
  20. Progs are getting their utopia while we sit on our hands... Fed Agencies emerging as t/4th branch of our gov
  21. There is no part of this government that is for the people anymore.