July 16, 2014


11/9/13...11:08 a.m.

I saw a stalker in the shelter (Sanctuary)-*y* this morning ~6 a.m. as I made my way into the shower. 6'2", 180 lbs., glasses, white male. I've seen him in front of the Larkin Library before. They have been trying to pin it on Glide and GLIDE has nothing to do with it. (There's trouble between Catholic Church --so far, St. Anthony's, here in San Francisco, AND GLIDE?---politics, whatever.) I'm the scapegoat in some ways.

Note:I see this bastard  and his friends, here as I wait outside the library (~ 9:30 alm.). Hate crimes went up  (against LGBT) in Russia as they happened here (open expression of hatred to gay/lesbians/transgender: PUTIN in Russia (anti Gay/Lesbian/LGBT) and the women at the "S/ANCTUAR"-*y*, where Gene said that is is "not natural [, HOMOSEXUALITY]." Female, Older, light eyes, black woman (i've heard rumos she's an ex veteran, war crimes???) They mentioned Vietnam (Gene) and Iraq (Gabby Marrero, #75). Gabby Marrero, #74 relates to Gene on war crimes (gabby--->Ira. Details later.)

The stalker's  (tall, white guy, 6'2" tall) friend (heavy set, dark skin, facial hair) made it apparent that he was here in front of the library *on more than one occasion*. I saw him at St. Anthony's during lunch yesterday. (first time). I also saw one of their other friends (short, stubby white guy (gave me a dirty/confrontational look at st. anthony's and I have seen him too with the those two in front of the Library off of 8th street, across the street from Burger King.

11/9/13...11:37 a.m.

I'm worried about Jessie and Rene. (My brothers, nuclear family.) I keep hearing that one of them is dead. They are also angry at the shelter that my brother, Jessie, is NOT dead. (["possibly"]). Jessie is legitimately disabled [YES, HE *IS* DEAD, MURDERED, NOTED: 07/16/14...4:56 P.M. HIM AND RENE AND JOSE WERE ALL MURDERED LAST YEAR, 2013] as he has TOURETTES and he has lived in an Independent Living for years in San Diego before he moved, and he has been on RIDDLIN since he was little. He also has a conservator. THE ADA (American w Disabilities Act applies to him).

# 74, SHERRY, actually said out loud a couple of nights ago that "I [Sherry] KILLED my sister!!! [ex-convict, in other words, and she was BRAGGING about it, to intimidate me.] EVIL WOMEN ON THE FLOOR. , have *NO RESPECT* for life, period!!!  THere was another woman on this night who also gloated along with SHERRY (white, long hait, ), gloating about being CRIMINALS!!!!! threat to me too.

on another occasion, Gabby Marrero said to Gene "I can't believe you admitted to something like that...." (--gene appeared to be having a "crisis of conscience". I was in the restroom and she was to my right and she mentioned "gook" and then "7", she said she murdered 7 people in the Vietnam war. Gabby then responded with the above. (she mentioned she was in the Irag war, and she was on here knees praying. I also think that Gabby might be a straight male in the WOMEN"S section where I am at too bottom bunk, #75). They try to pin it on LGBT/transgender (i.e. they have gloated in the past....not just spinning/instigating and gene said "it's not natural" (religious freak that GENE is.) It's not LGBT/trangender's fault.

NOTE: it's a proble to place EX CONVICTS together with NON-CONVICTS, ESPECIALLY WOMEN in homeless shelters together. They put is on DANGER and they INSTIGATE and TERRIFY many of us into not filing complaints against their crimes against us (i.e. like i did not file a complaint against JULIA SMITH, and SHERRY INTIMIDATED ME SEXUALLY THE VERY SAME MORNING THAT I WAS GOING TO FILE IT. JULIA SMITH WAS STANDING RIGHT BY THE DESK at the front counter that same morning. Recently she has been gloating about it and has been instigating with others again (in the dining room). NOTE: ONE OF THE OTHER STAFF MEMBER CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD WHEN SHE HUGGED AND HELD ONTO ANOTHER BUNKEE THAT SHE OBVIOUSLY KNEW WHILE WE WERE WAITING IN LINE FOR DINNER. She is LATINA, heavy set, glasses, light skin, and she is one of the administrators there.  It is crossing boundaries and UNPROFESSIONAL to say the least, and they were too chummy for my liking. IT"S JUST WRONG.
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