July 08, 2014



A platform for forward thinking around peacebuilding, celebrating voices and views of everyday heroes working to end violent conflict. An initiative of Search for Common Ground.

what we do

Conflict and differences are inevitable. Violence is not.
We partner with people around the world to ignite shared solutions to destructive conflicts.
We work at all levels of society to build sustainable peace through three main avenues:
Dialogue+, Media+, and Community+.


we’re there

In the tension and hostility mounting before violent conflict, we’re there helping to prevent it. In the anger and chaos of war, we’re there working to end violence. In the pain and destruction of the aftermath, we’re there bridging divides to build lasting peace.
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global initiatives

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want to do more?
We want to get 1 million people signed on to the pledge by International Day of Peace in September 2014.
Help us make our goal:

Take the 10 Friend Challenge! Here you’ll find our online toolkit with everything you’ll need to raise awareness about violent conflict worldwide.

Do even more by starting a local chapter, donating, or fundraising for peace. As a Searcher, you’ll get special access to common ground trainings, mixers, and more.

core principles

Through decades transforming conflicts from destructive to constructive, we’ve learned some lessons along the way. Read about our philosophy of conflict and why our approach works to end violent conflict.

our philosophy

why it works

1. We make long-term commitments.
We avoid parachuting – dropping into a conflict for a short period to mediate or resolve it. Because peace is a process, we need a continuous presence to develop relationships on all sides of the conflict, understand the deep concerns of all parties, and gain the trust needed to enable a shift towards safe, constructive, and creative problem-solving.
 2. We use an integrated approach.
For society-wide change, we work simultaneously on multiple levels – from leaders to grassroots – using multiple tools.
3. We get engaged to see the possibilities.
Conflicts are extraordinarily complex, and it takes profound engagement in order to understand them. Although we conduct assessment missions before undertaking any new program, we also adapt to the changing environments in which we operate.
 4. We are social entrepreneurs.
We look for problem-solvers and creative thinkers who, from a shared vision, can develop finite and achievable projects. We continuously develop new tools and approaches.
5. We are immersed in local cultures.
We work with and build on individuals’ and communities’ knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Partnering with local peace-builders is crucial to strengthen their ability to transform their own conflicts.
 6. We practice cooperative action.
Dialogue is a necessary but insufficient means to change attitudes and behaviors. Wherever possible, we work with people in conflict to help them not only understand their differences, but also act on their common ground.

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