July 12, 2014

http://www.catapult.org/about/what-is-catapult, We all believe in a gender equal world.

We all believe in a gender equal world.
But more than 500 million girls and women will be denied the opportunity to take part in the next generation's development.
This doesn't have to be the reality.
Organizations working for girls and women currently raise less than half the average amount raised by other nonprofits and charities.
Catapult can change that.
We're combining the financial power and actions of people like you to help tackle gender inequality around the world.
Catapult connects people to projects
People upload their projects in need of funding. You choose the ones you believe in. Fully funded! People start working.
Catapult doesn't take a fee. But you can always donate to us if you want to help keep it all going!
So join us. Get started on Catapult now.
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