July 29, 2014

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When confronted with major global problems—world hunger, extreme poverty, epidemics, violence—our natural instinct is to ask, "What can I do?" AJWS encourages American Jews to assume the responsibilities of global citizenship by advocating for change in developing countries right here at home. Because U.S. policies have a tremendous impact on the developing world, we can urge our representatives to support those who advance social and economic justice and promote human rights. Such efforts offer us a way to enact the Jewish imperative of tikkun olam—healing the world—by working to advance a more just and secure future for all.
AJWS's advocacy efforts currently focus on advancing the rights of women, girls and LGBT people in conjunction with our We Believe campaign. We are working to urge Congress to pass the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) and the International Human Rights Defense Act (IHRDA). Our actions work in tandem with our grantees’ own activism. As we hold our own government accountable, our grassroots partners pursue accountability on the ground, working to put more power in the hands of the formerly powerless.
For more than 25 years, AJWS has united Jewish communities to seek enduring solutions to poverty, hunger and disease, and to work towards a more just world. Almost 100,000 activists have already raised their voices for change. Won’t you join us?

Tell Congress to Pass IVAWA

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