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Published by Sylvia Lydia Morelos

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Published by: Sylvia Lydia Morelos on Mar 14, 2012
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911. 911. DEATH THREATS BY CRIMINALS, EXTREMISTS AND SEX OFFENDERS AT THE 500 McKinney Downtown Library, Houston, 77003.

Ratings:Published by Sylvia Lydia Morelos

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Published by: Sylvia Lydia Morelos on Mar 14, 2012

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To Whom It May Concern:Whoever reads these journal excerpts (see below)...I would like to let you know that it is ALLreal! I am a sane, very grounded individual and I stand by everything that is written here. I haveundergone a great deal in San Diego and elsewhere (read below). It began IN SAN DIEGO....andmy journal entries were written during overwhelming, unusal circumstances, and I did the best Icould with the information that I had at the time. I would like to add that the people responsiblefor my torture, electronic rape, humiliation, slander, defamation of character, are making up theirown version of why these things are happening to me, and I am therefore more determined andgrounded than EVER to continue my struggle and to continue writing no matter what!Everything that I say in my journal entries is TRUE. At the time of my journal entries, I was stilldoing my research as to what the tools they use for torture truly are. I referred to them as “magical art”, as I could not describe them any better. My main perps come from the mental health system in San Diego, particulary Southbay Guidance center in Chula Vista, who haveinvolved themselves in systematic torture, abuse, sexual (electronic rape and exploitation), inaddition to defaming me at all costs. Now, they rationalize and come across as something that isnot TRUE and for the life of me, I will continue to struggle to prove it. But MY conscience isclear as I have NOT done anything to deserve this and they claim OTHERWISE to cover uptheir indiscretions, abuse, electronic rape, mass hysteria (gangstalking! Here and in LosAngeles), and I have still to overcome the trauma associated with it in more ways than youknow! They will continue their oppressive behavior with me, EVERYONE laughs at me or dismisses me, from what they insinuate and “show” me, so I have no other recourse but to keep on writing as much as I can with as clear a state of mind as I can, no matter what. This isgangstalking and they are calling it something else, starting from 2004(but I only have journalsfor February 2006 and on). I have been homeless and in jail for a week (las Colinas) because Ifailed to respond to their abuse and humiliation and manipulation, etc, in a more rational manner,for which I unfortunately do not have any documentation. I was in jail for a week, homeless for afew weeks(?) and I dealt with threats against my life and my being throughout. Mentally it hascost me, because after all, I am human and this shit does take its toll. Because of the gangstalkingI was mentally incapacitated for a while, which led me to CMH (County Mental Health) in SanDiego where some abuse took place as well, where I was made to believe that I was pregnant, Iwill research the technicalities better to be able to describe exactly what the medical doctor(during a physical exam) made me feel for me to draw that conclusion. I also ended up at SouthBay Guidance Center where a great dea of the abuse stems from since 2004 until now. People like Dr. Donna Mills (she is mentioned in one of my journal excerpts below), “appeared” during a time when I was in my hotel room,,,,and she was torturing me,,,(see below),; she would notleave, and I was undergoing turmoil so badly that I ended up breaking a window to cut my leftarm. It left a scar (still noticeable). I also remember going through soo much turmoil at that time that I felt myself “regress” i.e. I felt myself become younger, and I attribute it to the abuse I wasundergoing. (Perps laugh now, not funny.) I have to write this down, it needs to come out as Iam NOT LYING about anything! I also mention in one of my journal entries a psychiatristnamed ERIN whom I believe worked there, or at CMH, one or the other. I am still trying tofigure out why I was abused by them, as anything with them GOES! I do NOT suddenly havehallucinations of people, DOCTORS that I know, and run around with my head cut off justaccusing them of shit for NO REASON. It happened, and this technology that is being used bythem is tricky to discern in terms of how to tell what is being used, but it is real! I was already

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suffering from trauma associated with the gangstalking and became ill, so these doctorsexacerbated it with what they did to me, and now think that they can get away with it? I am verygrounded now, and this has to get out,people need to know the truth about the mental healthsystem in San Diego, and what it does. They torture, and as far as I can tell it is still them rightnow doing this shit to me. They are continuing to justify their abuse for horrible reasons and
people seem to believe them and this is why I need to document the truth. I don’t enjoy what I
am going through, so I need to write. I am being WARNED that no one is listening, no onecares, I AM IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW (LOL!), etc.,Once again, they are making me out to be something that I AM NOT, and it is always a different “reason”, all I know is I need to continue documenting what I am experiencing and that I am being “allowed” to write this because they say so! SAME OL SAME OL. In my journal entries, I also talk a lot about how Hollywood and Bush were the ones who wereabusing me and humiliating me,etc. In retrospect, everything that I saw was REAL. Everythingthat I experience was REAL. But the perps in San DIEgo, namely) the mental health system thatI had to endure and still do, are NOW taking credit for what happened to me in LOS ANGELES(i.e. Hollywood and Bush) and are claiming that the stars that I specifically mentioned were all them harassing and torturing me, including musical groups like Greenday. I don’t believe that they can be that talented, but I am still not sure that the perps in L.A. were ALL stars, I can now clearly remember the “live” audience that I had with them while watching them on television LIVE (during awards ceremony) and I can plainly see that they were interacting with me. Now Iknow what this must sound like, I REALIZE that, but it is the truth. I am not defaming them, andI am not talented enough to take or assume their characteristics or what parts t Hhey played inmovies, i.e. Claire Danes (Romeo and Juliet), Katie Holmes, Leonardo Dicaprio, and JohnnyDepp. Sound CRAZY?????!?!?! Well, it happened.And the perps are now taking credit for them,meaning that Hollywood, according to them, was NOT involved, and I have only twoexperiences where there was a LIVE show where I clearly did interact with them, i.e., HalleBerry (said “sorry” because I believe that she felt guilty that I was being taken in by the m, i.eshe appeared to me in her XMEN outfit, along with another actor whose name I don’t recall from that movie (he wears the sun/sports glasses as part of his costume.) Anyway, I know how thissounds, but it is all true. I am not that talented, I do not remember actors dress in movies. I wasnot up to par at that time in Hollywood because of the staged events that happened there, I.e. inHOLLYWOOD, and the public was very taken in as well. I was “disappointed” in her (HalleBerrry) and told her she was a “traitor” for “giving up” on me….long story. She is the only actor who showed any signs of remorse (guilt) that I was being made a fool of so badly. I could not tellthe difference between her and Claire Danes and Katie Holmes at the time, who had some funwith me in my old board and care while I was in my room. It broke me once and I ended upthrowing the stereo that I had to the floor from my bed because I could not stand it, and I endedup in the hospital that night, handcuffed to the bed, as the person at the counter at the house(perp) called the cops on me because of what I had done with the radio. At that time, I was beinggangstalked, and was used as entertainment, as the public had a field day with what they and I saw happening in the streets….there is so much that I can talk about but find myself needing to prepare it carefully so it doesn’t sound so far fetched. I am more grounded now,and I can tell

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things now, I know for a fact that the electronic RAPES were SEVERE and painful, (i.e. I was raped in the shower ---by someone named Jimmy (old boyfriend from when I was 20 years old, I
am now 37), in Rachel’s women’s center (by GREENDAY, who had the audacity to ask me for forgiveness afterwards, and I said “no”. They did not leave me be after that), in front of the
library in downtown san diego, where I was made to believe that my sisters were being molested(they were 4 and 6 at the time), which made me cry and I ended up getting kicked out of thelibrary for spitting on the floor because of the hatred that I felt for the perps. The Eagles in Los
Angeles ended up…er…screwing me (yes it otwas sexual) because they asked me not to listen
to one of their cds when I inwas on the street and bought it anyway. I can’t believe that I fell for
that shit but I did. The others were electronic rapes plain and simple, I wanted none ofbthem.
The “eagles” I let it “happen”, as I was not well enough to defend myself as I can now. That
electronic rape shit happened and it hurt like hell. I need to they more in detail of other instancesof sexual electronic misconduct by these perps, who take credit for Hollywood NOW. I assureyou that this is no joke or made up. I was used for entertainment and torture ONLY and they areclaiming otherwise and justifying their actionsn. I have a lot more to say, dear GOD, and I amSANE VERY SANE AND CLEAR MINDED in san diego righ t now,still going throught thetorture, SLANDER, humiliation . The electronic rapes are no longer happening, but my body ishurt at times, (i.e crack in my head, pricking of toes with something sharp, sudden spasms of mybody when I sleep, and the nightmares are still being made up in my mind at night. Sometimes Iremember them,sometimes I do not. The nightmares have been continual since 2006, nonstop.(Please read entries below.)

This is serious and it is big. I can say a lot about “Hollywood” and these perps in san diego.

Politicans as well. (Not just Bush, but others). Now these San Diego perps are trying to takecredit for them and I will leave it at that. It sounds crazy but it is the truth. Please read and do notenjoy for it is not a story to tell just to tell and entertain. Y happened, it is happening, and I amstill fighting perps in San Diego who threaten to follow me wherever I go and interfere with meas I write these things down a lot, and they will not let up. I am VERY well known in San Diego,CA, and they have run my name through the mud and continue their lies. I have to write writewrite. The rapes have stopped but the abuse is severe and I am fighting it head on. They stillwant to make me homeless, and promise that if by some miracle I manage to get them out of mylife and lead a normal life, that I will be murdered. No matter what, they say I will die if need beand anyone who wants to even think about helping me out are warned that will be killed.Period.

SO please read on…it is all true and real. Does not matter where it came from,it happened and is continuing to happen. You will be made to believe their lies if you are contacted. Risks I have
to take. Don’t care anymore. I am fighting this as I am SICK of it. AND my current BF continues
to be aggressive to me to humiliate me when the public is watching met to intimidate me. How
brave…He has been mentioned in other posts. How brave!

Take care and God Bless.I will continue to write. Period. NO MATTER WHAT.

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