May 28, 2014

How To Get People To Help You Succeed May 1, 2014 by John Michael Morgan

How To Get People To Help You Succeed

How To Get People To Help You SucceedAchieving success is never a solo effort.
Going that route is more difficult than necessary when there’s a far easier way. Simply get others to help you succeed.
If you think I’m talking about manipulation, force, or using fear so that you can get your way, then stop reading now. What I’m talking about involves love, patience, and a servant’s heart.
If you’re still with me, that means you have those 3 things, so congrats!  :)
Give people what they want and they will give you what you want. That statement has been worded hundreds of different ways, but they all mean the same thing:

Give BEFORE you get

This is nothing new.
So why does everyone get this wrong?
I’m about to give you the formula for making this work in your favor time and time again. You see, it’s actually not about giving people what they want… it’s about giving them what they need.
There’s a BIG difference between wants and needs.
Everyone is trying to give people what they want. Or at least what they think they want. But needs are deep. They are part of one’s existence. A need is more meaningful than a want.
  • People want fame but they need recognition.
  • People want power but they need influence.
  • People want praise but they need love.
  • People want wealth but they need fulfillment.
  • People want sympathy but they need empathy.
  • People want ease but they need achievement.
When you stop trying to give someone what they want, and instead give them what they need, you form a strong bond with them. Think about the people whose attention you’re after, because you want them to promote your business.
Are you giving them attention or recognition?
Are you helping them make money or helping them fulfill their goals?
You could go on and on asking yourself questions like these, but all this begs a bigger question:

What do people need?

Start by taking a good hard look at yourself. What you need, they need. Use yourself as a measuring device. Why do you promote and support the people you do?
The reality is that if you love and respect someone enough to find out what they need, you’ll have their support in whatever you do.
The best part?
You’ll have their support consistently, because you’re helping them get what they need rather than what they want.
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