November 04, 2013


*NOTE: Webster....'The Constitution of the United States of America....[protects against 'good'] intentions." ---'/G-ooD intentions = /OBAMA/ carE!!!

Sylvia Lydia Morelos · UCLA '03, BA Latin American Studies

*This is the right definition for HOLLYWOOD and its fanatical followers, members, associates, CHURCH (factions of) included, Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, BEHAVIORAL HEALTH/THE-RAPISTS/etc, CORRUPT POLITICIANS (*OBAMA IN PARTICULAR*, h/e tends to "take care" (OBAMA 'CARES'!!! his LIABILITIES--->those whom he sees as threats i.e. real HUMANE BEINGS who ..."EFFECT SOCIAL AND POLITICAL [POSITIVE] CHANGE (i.e.who stand up for  DEMOCRACY like I do, Sylvia Lydia Morelos, as opposed to breeding TERRORISM (per OBAMA and the like)!!!!!and promoting crime, including through the MEDIA, channel 7 and the like!!!!!) Sylvia Lydia Morelos. *I'm NOT into mincing words, PERIOD.* (My period/menstrual cycle should be IRREGULAR again this month. Two days only last month. How f/un. Sylvia)