October 13, 2013

To Whom It May Concern: Like *Me*....10/13/13....4:12 p.m.

Lots of cool things happening this week. First of all Storycorps was wonderful. I was able to share of myself and to contribute to history too. (personal). Very recommended to those who want to have a voice and take your lives to others, or for others.

09/19/13...., 090/21/13, 10/06/13....

Photography is a "blend of experience, artistry, and patience..."---photographer

"The silent screams of radiant flowers."--author (Christian)

...The wayward waif ---moi. (Sylvia)

--->"wanting one's own way...in spite of the advice or wishes of another";  "willful."

...('lightweight', heheheh, ....aight?)

waif:   "a ['stray' homeless person, especially forsaken or orphaned child."---> not.

I love salsa dancing. Used to go salsa dancing ever weekend at the boat house when i was in my 20s in santa monica, ca. I think i have two left feet now, lost lots of practice. Back to my normal weight too, a size 6 150 lbs. Happy in this sense. Have sense of myself and contentment that i haven't had in a long time. Shared my story with Storycorps, (personal), and I expect the CD will be arriving in the mail at the Sanctuary in 6 weeks, me thinks. My faith has helped me through a lot. Haven't made friends yet, but I have met some great people in the process of my g-growth. (painful, though; feel judged 24/7.) Activism is my passion and I love this. Spend a lot of time at the library, lots. Also at st. anthony's computer lab. Have my own earphones now. Need to replace the stuff that was stolen including my id, social security card i still need to replace, my ebt card, and tb test card. I need to get my glasses again too. I love writing and blogging. Judged 24/7. Had to cut my hair off in sacramento, as assholes kept harassing me. Had it long near my waist. Tattoos rock!

SOmetimes surrounded by assholes. Sometimes i'm not ok with it. Love real people. Sylvia