June 26, 2013


Our Mission
UCLA's primary purpose as a public research university

****is the creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge for the

"*betterment*"----->[it's actually doing the OPPOSITE via OPCC and itself in Westwood promoting and endorsing my tortue and terror]

of our
... *global society*. -----> their hypocrisy is a scary thought.

To fulfill this mission, UCLA is committed to
*academic freedom in its fullest terms*:

We value *open access to information*-----> not shutting it down, like they gloat at my "losing" my pics on TWITPIC for documentation,

*free and lively debate*--> nothing is free here and debate is discouraged or manipulated

conducted with

*mutual respect* --> NOT!!! they promote INTOLERANCE


*individuals*,--> nope, i am such an individual, aside from my politics too, that is,

*freedom from intolerance*.--> this is obviously NOT TRUE. they tortured the shit out of me "in full view of the public" they like to gloat, every time i come here

. In all of our pursuits, we strive at once for

*excellence and diversity*---> when it comes to excellence, i belive in it, integrity too, and strength, THEY DO NOT *TOLERATE* it,

, recognizing that

*openness and inclusion*

*true quality*.---> I agree. UCLA does the opposite.

*values*---> i'm *pro-values and democracy*.

underlie our three institutional responsibilities.

Learning and teaching at UCLA are guided by the belief that undergraduate, graduate and professional school students and their teachers belong to a community of scholars.** really? to me it seems like thinking CRITICALLY is NOT "da BoMB"

This community is
*dedicated*--the mob and herd mentality here is the opposite.

to "providing students" with a

"foundational understanding of a broad range of disciplines followed by the opportunity for in-depth study in a chosen discipline. All members of the community are engaged together in discovering and

"advancing knowledge"---> its relative to special interests

and *practice*----> terror and torture and suppression of freedom of expression

Learning --> "in, out, you win, you lose, " er "beautiful" when they "get it right"--> all learned, courtesy of big bro OBAMA and the like

occurs not only in the classroom but also through

*engagement in campus life and in communities and organizations beyond the university.*---> guise for terrorism, promotion of , in weswtood, *OPCC*, santa monica, west l.a., dowtown l.a.


creativity and innovation are hallmarks of UCLA***.-->what a bunch of hypocrites. ! they copy and steal. and they rather permanently bury their crimes and corruption and scapegoat the victim.

As one of the world's

*great research universities*--> I beg ta differ. it is NOT socially "just", lol!

, we are committed to
*ensuring* --> via iron will and abuse

excellence across a wide range of disciplines, professions and arts while also

"encouraging investigation across disciplinary boundaries"---> again with the bullsht. critical inquiry comes naturally for me, and yes, i did write for the daily bruin in 1997. viewpoint.

. In so doing, UCLA advances knowledge, addresses

*pressing societal needs*--->ARGH!!! the hypocrisy in this alone!!!

and creates a university

"enriched" by "diverse perspectives"


"all individuals can flourish."--- rest myy case! actaully, since it is up to them, i should REST IN PIECE, like Swartz, eh?

"civic engagement is fundamental to our mission as a public university"--> hypocrites, pretend yo aint public education then?

*diverse and vibrant cities* --> westwood is the epitome of the opposite (so many closed businesses)

and globally--> don't flatter global anything! ARGH!!! i wanted ta go global!!

to educate successive generations of leaders-->ARGH!!! INDOCTRINATION IS *NOT* IN ZEE HOUSE!!!..or is it?,

and to pass on to students a renewable set of skills and commitment to social engagement. -->argh!!--> translation: TERRORISM

UCLA endeavors to *integrate*

education, research and *service*
like OPCC

so that each enriches and extends the others.--> OPCC: "we empower people to rebuild their lives". mission statement

***in actuality they and UC-LA "we em-POW-er pee-PULL 2 rebuild their [LIES]"

This "integration"

--*academic excellence and
*nurtures innovation and *
*scholarly development.
----I love school. Education is important. Critical inquiry important. Self expression and FREEDOM of speech are important. DOn"T GO TO SCHOOL HERE. and don't give up on education. I'm saying it as an ALUMNI myself, class of 2003. BA in LAtin AMerican Studies. and yeah, i actually did write for the bruin.1997. viewpoint. 10 weeks, 5 columns, no, i'm not doing your homework for you. you can't be that lazy? never mind. You are that comfy.

Principles Of Community
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is an institution that is firmly rooted in its land-*grant*--->$$$$$$

mission of teaching, research and public service---> i wanna puke--Sylvia Lydia Morelos.

The campus community --what? am I the only alumni who epitomizes this?
*committed* to

*discovery and innovation* [SM]
*creative* [SM]
*collaborative achievements*--->i don't associate w terrorists on ANY collaborative effort
*debate and critical inquiry* --this is MOI, Sylvia Lydia Morelos

, in an
*open and inclusive environment that *nurtures*---> the *GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT*of *all* -->[I'm gonna puke]

and staff.

*These Principles of Community*

are vital --> so are *my* vital signs

for "ensuring"----> via iron will to *dis*-sidents


*welcoming* and

*inclusive environment for all members of the campus community*

--->believe it or not this includes me, Sylvia Lydia Morelos

and for serving as a

*guide* for

*our personal and collective behavior.*-->that's their problem. I'm not one of them and their terrorism/OBAMA cares in this respect

We believe that

*diversity*--diversity of people and ideas (i hope)

*critical to maintaining excellence in all of our endeavors*. NOT
in YOURs, assholes.

We seek to foster

*compassion* and
--->all quite the opposite of what they actually endorse on and off campus, extremism, INTOLERANCE, prejudice, sexism, IMPUNITY, narrowmindedness and petty exclusivity

among individuals and groups.
---> oh yeah? which ones?

We are committed to *ensuring*

*freedom of expression* and dialogue, in a

*respectful and civil manner,*---> all lies, and they call me "ESTUPIDA"

on the
*spectrum of views* held by our
*varied and diverse campus communities*.

*We value differences*--->all lies on their part, but Iam the epitome of its rhetoric

Imagine that?

as well as

*promote respect in personal interactions*. --> again with the bullshit!

"We affirm our responsibility for creating and fostering a respectful, cooperative, equitable and c/ivil campus environment for our diverse campus communities. "--->no they don't
"We strive to build a community of learning and fairness marked by mutual *respect*. "--> no they don't

"We do not "

tolerate acts of

--->*profiling or
*other conduct causing

---->*harm* to individuals on the basis of

----> *expression* of

--->*race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, *religious beliefs, *political preference, sexual orientation, *gender identity, citizenship or national origin among, other *personal characteristics*---> again with their bullshit.

Such conduct
*Principles of Community and
*may result in imposition of
*sanctions according to
*campus policies
*governing the
*conduct of students, staff and faculty*. -->this should be fun.

"We *acknowledge*" that modern societies carry

*historical and divisive biases*

based on

*race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and religion*, and we seek to
*promote awareness and understanding*-->this is me...

*education* and *research* and to

*mediate and resolve conflicts that arise from these biases in our communities. --->they do the opposite. I'm living proof

The Principles of Community statement was developed by the Chancellor's Advisory Group on
*Diversity*, since renamed the UCLA Council on
*Diversity & Inclusion*
--->this could have been awesome, *ideally*
, which includes representatives from the administration, faculty, staff, and students and
*alumni communities*.--->like i said, this could have been ideal. I was told that as an alumni, i "don't go to school here anymore", so i "don't matter".

For more information, or to download copies of the statement, please see www.diversity.ucla.edu

*I, Sylvia Lydia Morelos, rest my case. I do not endorse UCLA. its hypocrisy pays --$$$ and steals from people like me,. and then some.

good honest people who want a real education deserve better. Invest wisely in your lives and education. Don't come here.


Sylvia Lydia Morelos
Class of 2003
BA in Latin American Studies

UCLA IS a terrorist extremist hub!