June 21, 2013

Fw: Just saying hi...

they are freaking out at ucla. the internet over the kiosk went "fuzzy" as they were telling me to get out for warding emails that i have kept that i have sent out. PRIVACY IN COMMUNICATION is important. They don't give a fuck. It's mass surveillance abuse int he extremre
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From: Sylvia Mor <sylmor1974@yahoo.com>
To: Officer Giraldo <Jaime.giraldo@houstonpolice.org>; "sylmor1974@yahoo.com" <sylmor1974@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2013 12:50 PM
Subject: Fw: Just saying hi...

Dear Officer Giraldo: Thank you for your prompt response!! :) I hope that you and yours and Hillary at SEARCH have a wonderful Mother's Day.
By the way, I'm sorry to bother you about this, but I feel that you may be able to give me some advice? er.....I just received a ticket for a non-traffic infraction for obstructing a sidewalk. I am on probation, BELIEVE IT OR NOT :P, for CRIMINAL TRESPASSING AT A LIBRARY (I am banned from *A-L-L* Santa Monica Libraries. Anyway, (*blush*), lol.....ANYway, I need help to make sure that I have my options right. I went online to do some research about it. From my understanding, I will be fined? I won't be violating my probation, is that right? I just need to make sure. I was reading and I put all my books on the sidewalk and I sat on the .er----> divider?I was not blocking traffic, I was just in the grass so that I would not sit on the sidewalk, but I had books strewn on it. The officer gave me a ticket, an infraction for a non-traffic violation. My court date is on July 10 at 1:30. What would you advise me to do? Am I correct? Am I eligible for homeless court since (surprise surprise-------->*blush* :(   ......) I am *STILL* homeless.
ANYway, c'est la vie? non? oui?
In all seriousness (i have to laugh at life *SOME*times...hee hee hee)
, I have to take care of this. But BOY what a life! ---*she curtsies*
In ALL SERIOUSNESS ALREADY, I know that you and Hillary were great with resources for me back in Houston. And I am on my way towards getting on GR and hopefully getting myself on my feet. My left foot has STILL not recovered from the METATARSAL FRACTURE from the hit and run (white van) in Houston. I've been walking a lot, and I will probably not be able to fit in decent shoes for awhile. I will try my best to do so, though. Santa Monica is not working out for me. On Monday I am heading to the GR office in Westwood and am either re-applying for GR or getting my paperwork again. My foot is not well anyway, so I could not go to the orientation yesterday. I FINALLY have a decent amount of food stamps/EBT (YAY!!!) that allows me the autonomy to be able to buy my OWN food, without the trouble of homeless places like the Beacon here. You and Hillary were the ones who helped me out sincerely and I do so appreciate it. I'm resourceful by nature and I usually get on my feet quickly. But the foot has been a problem, among other things. I think that I will be able to get a voucher for a motel room from GR too. I turned it down the first time. I won't again. Hopefully it will work out.
Anyway, the concern now is the ticket? I really appreciate having met you both. I am sooo grateful to you and HILLARY for the resources that you guys gave me. It is never easy, but the struggle is *worth it*. By the way, here in L.A. I've been able to do much more in 6 weeks than I did in 5 1/2 months 24/7 in Houston. I can *breathe*. There are good people around. I still have my faith.
Sorry for rambling. I am in good spirits right now. Despite the hardships.
God and FRIENDS rock!!!!  :)
Take care, and Happy Mother's Day to you and yours, and to HIllary. Wonderful that she had her baby and that her recent marriage is well, hopefully.
Take care!!!! Hope to hear from you soon.
Sylvia Lydia Morelos
Kind Regards.
I never forget what people do for one when I was at my worst. Thanks.

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From: "Giraldo, Jaime" <Jaime.Giraldo@HoustonPolice.Org>
To: Sylvia Mor <sylmor1974@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 3:44 PM
Subject: RE: Just saying hi...

What a nice surprise !!! I will pass your "hello" along  to Hillary the new mom. Take care of yourself and keep me informned. Take car and god bless.

Jaime Giraldo
Senior Police Officer / Investigator
Mental Health Unit / Homeless Outreach Team
150 N. Chenevert
Houston,Texas 77002
Office 832) 394-4225
Team Cell 281) 460-2680

From: Sylvia Mor [sylmor1974@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, May 06, 2013 6:43 PM
To: sylviamor1974@gmail.com; Giraldo, Jaime; admin@support.crowdgather.com
Subject: Just saying hi...

Hi, Officer Giraldo:

This  is Sylvia Lydia Morelos. I am in Santa Monica Ca, now. Just wanted to drop a line and say hi and please say hi to Hillary at SEARCH for me.

You helped me with resources for homeless in Houston a while back. Thanks to you and Hillary.

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Sylvia Lydia Morelos

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