January 01, 2016

911. 911, For the general public: A FEW BAD COPS TRYING TO GIVE POLICE OFFICERS HERE in SAN FRANCISCO, a really bad name, 911 A few bad apples. Sylvia Lydia Morelos, 01/01/16


in SAN FRANCISCO, A REALLY BAD NAME. 911. A few bad apples. fyi. The police Officers here are professional. I've been coming here for three years now. FYI.

Happy New Year:


What a way to start the year!

911. cop Canedo, Badge # 2138, Canedo; cop M. Cabuntala, Badge # 1528 ("[you're] asking for too much information]" is what he told me. I was asking for the first and last name of the woman who discriminated against me at the Best Western Plusm 121 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, off of 7th street, 94103. THE MTA is still homicidal as well. Lot of information on the walls of this Best Western Plus, relating to racism, anti semitism, OPCC, 503 Olympic Blvd, sta. monica, ca. 90401 and the santa monica cops. They wanted me to blame Billie Joe Armstrong, someone may be impersonating him. Ana Ayala stole my id. BHB, BELLAIRE is involved, 77030, 5314 Dashwood Drive, 77030, MO (me) UZOKWE. These cops are involved in that. 911. fyi.The Best Western also want the minorities who are working at TARGET, 789 Mission Street, 94103, Ste. 1, 911. Geometry and Calculus, Starbucks is also here, on the walls of The Best Western, Chicago Picasso---> Nancy Derthick, 1122 Lochbrae Road, 95815;Houston Bookstore, the doodle book that gave to DHS, @2010, by Pil Publication is on the wall, 911. These two Cops are aiding it. Death threats by them credible. THe explosive sharks are also on the walls, i.e. the wall across (of the parking lot) across the street from McDonalds, (in Santa Monicam 90401) (i reported it to ICE for sexual exploitation and illegals involved), Mormons and Jehovahs are involved, Salvation Army, same. 4000 A series, Ny Ny, Nancy Derthicks' wall, Male cop was also standing over me, and all of them accused me, I was sitting down, of being "combative, loud and hostile," It was the other way around. All three employees of this shift refused to give me there 1st and last names, I was asking for "too much information" said the cop. They only gave me the general Mgr's name as being Chris Z (per officer Canedo), mybooking.com booking reservation # is 621133882, and he wrote "booking #" as a threat to me. I am on Medicare, just like Jessie was. Cancelation number is: 21176412. ADA applies. 911
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